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NAFTA, One of Many Issues Proving the Founders Right About Freedom’s Requirement December 15, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, Declaration of Independence, globalism, moral virtue, NAFTA, news, politics, tyranny.

Last week I attended a local John Birch Society (JBS) meeting. The topic of the presentation was the problems resulting from the North America Free Trade Agreement. One of those problems has been the loss of thousands of American jobs. Another problem is the underlying plan of which NAFTA is a part. According to both Tim Rice and Alan Scholls, the plan of our national leaders is to create a North American equivalent to the European Union. NAFTA is a first step in the accomplishment of this ultimate goal. What this means is not just a loss of more jobs but a loss of our national sovereignty and our citizenship under a U.S. Constitution.

One of the things I appreciated about the JBS meeting was the literature received. In particular, I liked the fact that Andy Meyers, a local organizer, distributed a copy of the Constitution of the United States. This little booklet that was produced by the National Center for Constitution Studies contains more than the mere text of the Constitution. It includes the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and statements by various founders on the importance of providence as well as the necessity of virtue.

I believe all Americans should read our national compact—Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Right—and other of our nation’s formative and legal documents at least once every few years. I believe this is the minimum prerequisite that would enable all citizens to both understand and judge whether past and present laws perpetuate or violate those rights and legal safeguards that are supposed to guarantee our life, liberty, property, and happiness.

One of the most important guarantees of true freedom is moral virtue. Consider the following views by a number of leading men of the founding era.

Concerning the necessity of moral virtue, John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” James Madison regarded it as the only means to secure real liberty. He said, “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty and happiness without any virtue in the people is a chimerical idea.” In the same way, Benjamin Franklin believed people are not even capable of freedom without moral virtue. Franklin said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Here masters do not mean political leaders but slave lords.

Have you noticed the reports of viciousness of evolutionists towards proponents of intelligent design? In Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled, several scientists noted the vicious of evolutionists toward them because of their expressed doubts about Darwinian evolution. I have read reports of gays bullying old ladies who were peacefully protesting against their movement. They have viciously attacked young people quietly protesting on street corners or have violently disrupted meetings where authors or ex-gays were presenting contrary views and their personal experiences. I posted some reports of this in previous posts. Viciousness is commonly displayed during political campaign. Supporters of Obama and McCain were no different. Both pro-abortion and anti-abortions have demonstrated similar viciousness towards each other.

I have been guilty of expressing some vicious feeling towards some whose unjust statement or agendas I oppose. However, I have almost always tempered those feelings before publishing my thoughts.

The viciousness spoken of by Benjamin Franklin and witnessed today is the outcome of a corrupt and corrupting social milieu.

Can anyone honestly claim that the American government is not corrupt? It is corrupt because its leaders are corrupt. Based on this fact, early Americans would presume American society and its citizens have become corrupt as well. They would assume this based on the form of government they created, which consisted of a written national compact to secure their national goals. One of those goals was the maintenance of national morality. This corruption is measured by the degree to which American society and its public policies violate our national compact. Probably the best indicator of political, economic, and social corruption is the measure of how Americans nullify Constitutional and moral limitations.

As previously mentioned, the goal of our national leaders is to create a European Union equivalent in North America. Canada, Central America, South America, and the United States will become one nation governed by regional law and regional politicians, not by our Constitution and elected representatives to uphold it. The North American Union (NAU) could wind up being led by Hugo Chavez, the current president of Venezuela. I think the Iranians would applaud such a development. An NAU parliament would represent not just United States interests but could easily be skewed toward favoring Central or even South American interests.

For the supposed economic good of all peoples in the Americas, our leaders pursue a quest that violates not just our national sovereignty, but also one that conspires to overthrow our own loyalty to the principles and ideals of freedom intrinsic to our popular republican form of government by small and intentional steps.

Corruption accurately defines politics as usual today. Add to NAFTA, past and current economic crisis, welfare, income tax fraud, scandals both political and financial, gay rights agenda, sexual promiscuity, scientific prejudice, abortion, efforts to end gun ownership and to separate of religion from public life, and a composite picture emerges showing how corrupt a society we have become. The paternalistic views of many national and state leaders reveal they too believe masters are needed to rule over the unruly that they helped train. These new benevolent tyrants fill the halls of our legislators, public schools and universities, media, corporations, religious institutions, and other organizations. They comprise the new vanguard of injustice of the kind that the early American generations fought against and won first through creating a colonial civilization of religious, economic, and political independence and later through a war for national independence of all states.

If you still doubt our national politicians and business leaders are corrupt and intend to trade our freedom for regional and global power and profit, then read an article by Daneen G. Peterson titled “Treason Abounds – Gov’t Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU)” or the following speech by John MCManus on You Tube.

For more information about the John Birch Society, visit their website.

For Andy Meyer’s Meet Up site, go here.



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