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Mad Chicken Disease, National ID, and the Future of America December 18, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, economics, farms, health, interstate commerce, NAIS, National ID, national security, news, politics.

I wonder what the USDA would do if you ate some fresh fried chicken before traveling to another state where you wound up in a hospital for mad chicken disease. Not being a medical scientist, I’m not sure if they could tell if the chicken infected me with its madness or whether I already had another similar hypothetical disease that resembled the mad chicken disease. Maybe it’s possible for my previously contracted disease to have infected the dead chicken meat in my stomach so that it only appears it was the chicken making me madly ill. The main point of this exercise in what-if exercise is how would interstate transportation of that thoroughly dead but digested chicken affect the local farmer who raised, slaughtered and gave me some of his famous fryer chicken for which I expressed my appreciation in the sum of about 5 dollars. I realize that sum would amount to a measly token of how much I value genuinely fresh locally grown fresh chicken. Even if the USDA were wrong about the source of my seemingly mad chicken disease dilemma, I wonder if they would be able to penalize my friend the local chicken farmer or me.

As I understand Constitutional law, the federal government (i.e., USDA, FDA) only has regulatory authority over interstate commerce issues,but not intrastate issues. One of the main reason our nation’s founding father rewrote the Constitution in 1787 was to resolve interstate commerce issues like import duties (taxes) charged for goods transported from one state into another. With the federal government regulated interstate transportation and sale of goods, the conflicts over state-to-state import duties ended. The federal has the sole authority over related interstate issues.

The federal government has taken two steps toward creating a national identification system capable of tracking all people and all animals. The economic empire and its collective Caesar are only one shy of employing its three sixes, 666. Here again, the numbering system and its prophetic meaning is only hypothetical. The first step taken by the aristocrats on Capitol Hill is called Real ID Act that requires all citizens to possess their very own National ID card. Actually, the plan is to transform all driver’s license or ID cards into national ID cards. Not only will no law-abiding citizen (and potential terrorist) be able to travel or buy and sell without the government bureaucrats being capable of knowing about it. This is not hypothetical. Even those who don’t drive or fly, they too, whether they commute by train, bus, bike, and by walking, will are required to possess an identification card. All driver’s licenses or ID cards will contain a nearly invisible microchip that will contain all pertinent information for a host of officials to track. It will have information about your health so that emergency medical workers will be able to help you. It will contain criminal and other information vital to preventing you from terrorizing your nation. It will house vital data to track your travel and financial activities and status. Your representatives in Washington agree with those lobbyists, security consultant, and security technology business leaders that American will be safer and more prosperous with this mostly unnecessary profit and power grabbing strategy.

However, government officials and profit-seekers are not satisfied with just being able to watch your were-bouts when they want. They must be able to track all of your animals too. The USDA calls it the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). I read comments by one author who was questioning whether our government leaders were perhaps worried that some terrorist chickens as well some mad cows were our there stalking America. I know it’s silly, but so is the creation of a national surveillance system to secure our lives from those who they freely allow to immigrate legal and illegally. Not so silly is the idea of medical scientists being able to swiftly track the spread of new diseases back to their source. The idea is good but the implementation of it by the federal government (USDA, FDA) and big agribusiness is not.

How could forcing all farmers, even small family farms and pet owners, to implement a costly tracking system beneficial to no one except big agribusiness? Increasing medical and scientific evidence shows that most infected food originates not from small and medium family farms but from big factory type farms, from their animals, from their by-products as well as from the corporate food processing plants. It is not fair or just for government to put good family farms and ranches out of business for the sole benefit of industrial agribusiness.

Bigger isn’t better. Smaller is because it allows many more entrepreneurial family farms and businesses. As a result, more Americans would live the American dream, the one of not being dependent on big government or on big government-backed business. Just think, more Americans would probably live better too. Chickens and cows would have little to be mad about, and nature’s God would be pleased as well.

For more information about NAIS, visit www.NoNais.com and about the National ID, visit www.NoNationalId.com



1. ahrcanum - December 18, 2008

I raise chickens and let me tell ya I’d sure be squawking if I had to put some sort of an implant tracking device on them or in them. Someone would probably eat the dang thing and sue.

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