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Network News Reporters Fleeing Iraq, Success is Really Frightening January 2, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in Iraq, media bias, Middle East, news, politics, socialism, violence.

Media Research Center reports:

Nearly two years after reporters such as NBC’s Tom Brokaw derided President Bush’s troop surge as “a folly” and suggested the war itself was
a “lost cause,” American troop deaths are at their lowest level since the Iraq war began in March 2003, and the death toll among Iraqi civilians is also down sharply in 2008. So right on cue, Monday’s New York Times reported that ABC, CBS and NBC have all pulled their full time reporters from Iraq. According to correspondent Brian Stelter, the lack of violence means the networks are less interested in the Iraq story: “Representatives for the networks emphasized that they would continue to cover the war and said the staff adjustments reflected the evolution of the conflict in Iraq from a story primarily about violence to one about reconstruction and politics.”

MRC’s report omits an important point about this story: Violence referred to by Stelter is not about Americans killed to achieve success. It refers to Americans and Iraqi civilians (forget that some Iraqis were terrorists or criminals) being killed to make Pres. Bush look bad as well as promote the once for war socialism (and secretly still are and ) but they are now anti-war mongols. Just ask any card carrying ACLU globalist or member of the CFR.

To see MRC’s full report, go here.



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