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An evolutionary comparison of faith and realism January 8, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in creationism, economics, education, Evolution science, faith, freedom, Intelligent Design, life, realism, secularism.

If scientists and philosophers claim they do not know how life began, statements by the same that evolution explains life’s origin are no more legitimate than creationists who claim God created life’s beginning. The uncritical denial of the scientific proposition of intelligent design as a clever scheme of creationists is makes no sense.

If science is a pursuit of knowledge, how can any rational scientists or any American reject the research, publication, and open discussion of those whose inferences or religious affiliations they do not like? Free injury is the cornerstone of liberty. The Constitution states that science is to be supported but it does not say government shall dictate what is or is not science. Empirical data validating sound hypotheses already separates fact from belief. Facts are repeatable and unique events require belief. Life is a unique event.

Like proponents end-time theology, evolutionists and other scientists make similar statements regarding the soon coming of proof of their positions. Proponents of prophecy are often accused of being out for the money but then so are scientists whose research funding requires like faith or hope.

Most people have to deal with gaps nearly every day. I have to brush out food particles between the gaps between my teeth. Writing good text requires just the right amount of white spaces in the margin, between sentences, words and letters. Without all of those white gaps, all of the words become undistinguishable.

The opposite is the case when I look a pretty woman. If I saw what quantum physicists see, a beautiful woman would more like a freak from outer space. Or, how about attempting to sitting on the chair. Like a corpuscular space freak, my chair would appear to be a blob of unconnected globular stuff unsafe to sit on. Gaps are the reality of life. The grand allusion is that what we see is actually solid.

Evolutionists hate the gap-mongers because those terrible gaps show that the supposedly solid science of evolution is more allusion than reality. Darwin’s evolutionary theory is full of gapping holes according to some people with PhD’s in sciences like biology, physics, engineering, geology, genetics, etc. It seems strange that many of them are called names like creationists, bible-thumpers, evangelicals, or religionists, even in spite of having published scientific research articles in their fields.

Maybe the problem began with economics—money, profits, and income. The problem with modern make-believe thinking pointed out by financial analysts like those at The Daily Reckoning is reflected by people about evolution science. Or, maybe it is really our government (public) schools. Maybe government officials regard it easier to control the citizenry by teaching them to live in la-la-land. Maybe public education teaches people to think about past and present from a make-believe perspective at least as long as it seems profitable and pleasurable.

To show how true this is, just consider how many educated people countering the idea of life being created by God by say it is not possible because an immaterial being couldn’t possibly produce the material world. Such a statement evidences how absurd educated secular thinking can be. Working nuclear scientists who work with atomic energy every working day say no scientist has every seen an atom. Scientists only know about the residual energy left behind where atoms once were. No scientist has ever observed atomic elements. Yet, everyone believes that atoms are the building blocks of life and everything else. What are atoms made of? The material world actually is made of things no human being has ever seen.

Even stranger than that is this statement from the Bible: What is seen was not made from what is visible” (Hebrews 11:3). Do you just love the ancient realism?



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