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Roe v. Wade Knowledge Survey Results January 22, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, Declaration of Independence, God, human rights, justice, religion, right to life, Roe v Wade, survey.

As of January 22, 2009, there have been 61,457 participant take the Roe I.Q. test or survey. The survey consists of 12 questions and the average score is 7.14, which is the equivalent of 59% (F) on a test. That means Americans are flunking when it comes to an accurate knowledge of the legal, medical, and social meaning and results of legalized abortion under Roe v. Wade.

To put this in perspective, let look at some of the demographics about the participants. About 25% has been involved in an abortion prior to the survey. The majority of participants (80%) viewed their political philosophy as conservative while a minority (20%) classified their political philosophy as liberal. Nearly one half said they were involved in some sort of church ministry whether voluntary or professionally. Those with higher levels of education and participation in religious services score higher on the test/survey.

Most participating American (70%) felt abortion should be illegal except in cases in which the life of the mother is in danger. Only 30% thought that abortion should be allow in a variety of other circumstances.

If the Roe I.Q. test/survey is any indicator most American are sadly misinformed about Roe v. Wade. Even conservatives demonstrate a lack of accurate knowledge. Much of abortion today undermines all of our most basic unalienable right to life. This is an inherent right not given over to either the state’s or parent’s jurisdiction. The terrible exception to this has been when the life of a mother is truly jeopardized.

If most Americans actually believe in God, it is disturbing that so many are so willing to allow the shedding of innocent blood in the womb. If most actually believe in God, it unconscionable that so many could take the justice and judgment of God so lightly.



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