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Socialism, Capitalism, and Limited Constitutional Governance: Similarities of Economic Problems in America and Israel January 30, 2009

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Writing about the need for an authentic Jewish government in Israel, Prof. Paul Eidelberg observes that Israel’s founding socialism may have been good for bring home millions of Jews but state capitalism is hindering both the development of genuine representative government and a Jewish government as opposed to a secular/socialist one.

In his commentary, Prof. Eidelberg makes the following statements:

“The socialists who founded modern Israel were committed to the idea of a secular democratic state. The economic goals of socialism, however, require a concentration of political-economic power in government. Socialism thus eventuates in state capitalism—the control of a nation’s wealth by political commissars.”

This week I attended a meeting about the need the end our current monetary system based on fiat money. Fiat money is currency based on government edict. Fiat money was the creation of the central banking system or Federal Reserve, which was also created by Congress.

There are two problems with the existence of the Federal Reserve and our current type of currency:

One: the Federal Reserve has no Constitutional basis for its existence. Without such stated power to create a private banking system without almost absolute control of the U.S. money, the Federal Reserve violates the Supreme Law of the Land. The Federal Reserve is not accountable to the voting public and therefore can do any thing they think they can get away with–like creating bubbles, recessions, and inflation

Two: our Constitution does not permit the creation of any currency that is not based on gold, silver, etc. Paper Notes (dollar bills) printed by the Federal Reserve are as illegal as the Federal Reserve itself.

During the meeting, I learned that the idea and the founding of the Federal Reserve were the creation of socialists who had also created the Council on Foreign Relations. Think about it; central banking along with central planning followed European socialism and fascist ideals. Central planning was one of socialists’ grand programs. One of FDR New Deal central planners wrote that big corporate business and big central planning government were co-partners in the planning of our centralized political economy.

I prefer skinny women myself. In some parts of the world, big is attractive. Big attracts big, especially where Hollywood and Barbie are not. Maybe there is a reason Lady Liberty is not proportionally big or fat. I doubt that any of bigness exists in her like it does in the heads of liberals in our legislatures.

Anyway, the Federal Reserve serves as America’s CFR-Capitol Hill good ole’ boy system of commissars. The current democrat dominated Capitol Hill is pushing to further the socialist plans for a fully centralized economy that only they and their associates and appointed commissars control. The current economic crisis only serves their goals to make the middle and lower class more completely welfare dependent socialists.

Want more proof? The fact that our new glorious President keeps declaring along with the rest of the Democrats that they must create jobs, save the economy, make their corporate benefactors accountable for their own irresponsible management of tax dollars and Constitutional safeguards. Isn’t government creating jobs, which necessitates creating markets to save the economy sound like state capitalism? Now consider another statement written by Prof. Eidelberg concerning the continued linkage between Israel’s founding socialism and the state’s current ownership of the nation’s assets:

“The political-economic linkage forged by the architects of modern Israel has not been significantly diminished by the Likud. The state still owns or controls most of the country’s assets, and the high rate of taxation retards a free market economy.”

The federal government’s stimulating bailout resulting in the purchasing of private sector financial assets–the real ownership of most property only held by mortgage debtors–demonstrates how much Capitol Hill socialists are achieving their plans.

Prof. Eidelberg continues by explaining why changing Israel’s national leader will not correct the problem. The same is true in America. The change President Obama represents is stated above.

The solution is changing the government to reflect genuine democratic and Jewish principles of governance. In Israel, it means changing the institutions as well creating a full-fledged Constitution espousing right principle. In America, the solution is restoration. Eliminating unconstitutional laws and institutions like the Federal Reserve is most important, and holding politicians feet to the fire who have taken a legally binding oath to uphold and defend the Constitution is paramount.

Seeing we elect from our states those politicians who have created or maintain unconstitutional practices and institutions, the logical place to begin to restore our limited Constitutional government is locally and within our own states.




1. Neal - February 5, 2009

The problem is further rooted in the American education system, and indeed, the moral philosophy held by so many. America has become a collective which is utterly terrifying to anyone who gets it. The problem is that we have not unwittingly, but knowingly adopted the philosophy of socialism. We hold ourselves to be our brother’s keeper, and have taken on the credo “From each according to their ability, and to each according to his need.” Amercians have denied this fact, but they ask for handouts. Take money from them, so I can build cars that no one buys. Take money from them so I can run my bank. Take money from people who are successful so I can be successful too.

I am sick of it. Stand up and take back that which America is supposed to stand for. Politicians are power-seekers, they are not the answer. They should be hired and fired by Americans, not elected. Businessmen should run America like a business. America should make money. Hire Jack Welch, hire Toyota’s CEO. Fire them if they screw it up. We do not need to reinvent the wheel here, we need to invent the next form of government. We need to evolve into an innovative, cutting-edge government. We need to take power away from power-seekers and hire businesses to do the job. We need people motivated to make money rather than by how much they can rob from other states to bring home to theirs.

I grew up in Iowa. Iowans should hire the best farmer out there to organize and train the industry. We should not pay people not to grow crops, or not to raise livestock. That is crazy. That is what our current government does.

Capitalism, not socialism. A republic, not a democracy. Let’s get back on track and show American ingenuity in truly reforming our government.

2. work at home income15 - July 14, 2010

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