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Senators’ Seeking Ratification of UN Treaty Governing Rights of Children Violates Individual Rights of Parents February 20, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in children, Congress, Constitution, family, law, marriage, parental rights, politics, power.

In paragraph 3 of the previous post “America Standing Alone,” the author states that ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child will become Constitutional law.

‘If the United States Senate were to ratify the UNCRC, then under Article VI of our Constitution, that treaty would become ‘the supreme law of the land,’ essentially self-executing. In a nation of laws such as ours, we would be obligated to implement every part of it in very short order….”

U.N. conventions are synonymous with international treaties. Treaties are legally binding on all parties. To ratify a U.N. convention, a super-majority of the Senate has to agree. If two-thirds do, it become part of the Supreme Law of Land as stated above.

Because the UNCRC over-rides all state law concerning parental authority concerning their children, this law will further undermine state sovereignty as well as individual rights of parents.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution make it clear that the federal government is strictly limited only to those powers specified in the Constitution. Matters concerning the marriage, family, children, and parenting are beyond the scope of federal law. Capitol Hill politicians, like Senator Boxer and Hillary Clinton, who seek to make UNCRC American law are clearly in violation of their oath of office. Changing the powers of federal government requires amending the Constitution.

The obvious problem is that politicians seem to believe that anything the Constitution does not prohibit gives them a right to do whatever they think is good for any or all. However, American legal history shows that the purpose of our written Constitution is to limit the federal or state governments to only those powers agreed to by a majority of voters.

That is why the state sovereignty resolution movement is necessary. It is necessary that a majority of states reassert their rights by passing resolutions demanding that the federal government stop their abuse of power. The current Congressional leaders are leaders of such abuse.



1. Centaur - March 24, 2009

This is a well-written article, which clearly illustrates the threat to us as Americans posed by this “harmless” treaty. Thank you! I would highly encourage everyone to visit parentalrights.org (in the sidebar) for more information.

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