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How abortion is destroying America March 16, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, children, economy, health care, life, news, politics, secularism, security.

Dennis Howard is the founding creative activist of The Movement for a Better America. The following excerpts are from one of his web pages with the same title as above.

50.5 million abortions is equivalent to the population of our 71 largest cities, from New York, NY, all the way down to cities the size of St. Petersburg, FL.

That’s the toll abortion has already reached at the current rate of 1,350,000 abortions a year. It’s equal to or greater than the human loss we would have experienced from an all-out nuclear war. Yet we are told to sit passively by and endure it by the pro-abortion ideologues of the left who dominate our culture, our media, our politics and our courts.

It adds up to a 30% loss in the younger generation under age 36 — nearly 1 out of 3 of this generation has been aborted. The toll includes some 15 million African-American babies and nearly 36 million others. That’s about 10,000 times as many African-Americans as were lynched since 1900. It amounts to a holocaust against blacks and against the young. It is the greatest loss ever inflicted on any generation in history. How can can anyone with a conscience stand silent in the face of it?

Abortion has major social and economic costs as well. The estimated loss in downstream tax revenue exceeds $14 trillion — more than twice our current national debt. It is, in fact, the greatest tax increase of all time. That’s why, even if abortion ends, it will still take more than a generation to recover.

The cost in lost GDP from abortions that have already occurred is estimated at $30 trillion. Nothing else has ever had a more depressing effect on the U.S. and the world economy. Meanwhile, it is being compounded by a dramatic decline in births in France, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Japan and even China. Only the Muslim world continues to grow at a rapid clip, and as a result much of Europe itself will become predominantly Muslim within 20 years. If we want a better world for ourselves and our children, we must raise a great hue and cry right now.

An estimated 1 billion children already have been aborted worldwide. This unnecessary loss of future citizens means less domestic and international trade. A highly productive population is necessary for both world trade and a decent civilized lifestyle. In a declining population, productivity decreases on two fronts: One, few working age people results in declining national wealth; and, two, more elderly means less productivity and the need for more national resources like health care. Allowing an inflow of ethnic groups from growing ethnic populations only means a slow end to the pioneering and highly productivity ethnic groups. Unless Muslims and Hispanics are as productive as those ethnic populations that are declining, the economic problems will only increase.

Abortion is also driving the greatest health care and education crisis in history, a crisis that is just ahead. As baby boom nurses and teachers retire, we face a looming shortage of 1 million nurses and 2 million teachers. We also face critical shortages in such key professions as science, medicine, and higher education. Abortion and more efficient birth control together have wiped out about half of our future human resources. With a growing number of elderly baby boomers in need of critical care, the only way to ease this crisis is to end abortion. Unless we do, the crisis will grow dramatically worse over the next 20 years.

The abortion boom is also behind the coming crisis in Social Security and Medicare. In 1940, we had 145 people in the workforce for every person on Social Security. That’s when it looked like a great idea! By 1952, the ratio had dropped to 16 to 1. It is now 3.1 to 1. In less than 20 years, it will be only 2 to 1. That’s when the government Ponzi scheme will get ugly. To save these programs from bankruptcy, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that tax rates will have to rise as high as 82%.

As a survivor of the abortion boom, guess who will pay the bill? You and your children and grandchildren, that’s who!

The downstream loss in future tax revenues from the more than 50.5 million abortions we have already had amounts to an estimated $14 trillion, or more than twice our current national debt.

The real problem today is not a debt crisis but a death crisis.

To learn more about the economic impact of abortion and about Dennis Howard’s mission, visit The Movement for a Better America.



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