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On President Obama’s March 24 Press Conference March 24, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in Amero dollar, Barak Obama, economy, NAFTA, news, North American Union, politics, socialism, U..S. dollar.

I’m watching tonight’s presidential press conference in amazement. President Obama speaks of honesty about the issue and problems at hand while being dishonest about economy.

Numerous reporters have been asking him about the CBO budget analysis as well as criticism from both parties. A summary about Obama’s new budget will double our nation’s debt. President Obama’s response is it will reduce the deficit.

Mr. Obama quit trying to deceive the nation! Try forthright honesty. Your budget will further bury our nation in trillions of dollars of debt. The question was not about the deficit. The question was about the amount of debt to China, Japan, and socialist cost of universal health care, federal control of education, and ownership of bad debt banks.

What was not asked is how much inflation we can expect. That is how much the dollar will be worth after the Fed prints those trillions of dollars to cover the doubling of the cost of Democrat socialism. As the Feds print more and more dollars to fund the Democrats spending spree, the dollar devalues which causes prices to rise.

The President may be uninformed about the confidence in the US dollar. China and Russia want to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency with one created by the IMF, according to Agence France Presse. Before the economic crisis, Iran, Venezuela, and other emerging nations expressed similar desire to replace the dollar with another reserve currency.

The end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency may not wreck Pax Americana seeing the IMF was the creation of and is managed by American elites, but it will likely create a contrived need for both an Amero dollar and a reorganization of the Americas comparable to the European Union. Those on Capitol Hill have already planned a North American Union. NAFTA was meant to pave the way. I suspect that the current economic crisis has been planned for the same eventual goal. Of course, politicians, educational administrators, global business leaders including those in the media will claim ignorance just like Obama said our dollar is stronger than ever. That is an illusion because the Feds printing press assures us that it is not.

Could this be the New World Order in which Obama is leading us by anything but honesty?



1. tim1000l - March 25, 2009

I totally agree, this wet behind the ears president is a dishonest hypocrite. He is going to run this country into the ground and make the dollar worth nothing.
you can read about my take on him here or my blog in general

2. thismayconcernyou - March 25, 2009

This was an interesting read. But it honestly has little to do with the actual crisis in America.

Yes, the economy is important. But why it’s messed up is more important. People lack morals from the top down (and by top, I mean the top people on Wall Street and CEOs). Obama is the closest thing to an honest politician as we’ll ever get. But you’re right, he’s still a politician, and they can mislead at times.

Please mull around my blog for the political rants (just click “List of Letters”). And let me know what you think. There’s one to Obama, Limbaugh, The Chimp Lady, Palin and a few others. Let me know what you think, and you can be as critical as you feel necessary.

Good read, here.

3. ddominic - March 26, 2009

Be an ally for President Obadiah please vote for my statement. We make demands and statements of purpose as citizens because we have governing power:

http://moderator.whitehouse.gov/…ov/…?embed#8/ e=55f8

“”Dear President Obama, You have allies out here for a Department of Peace. In The Art of War it states that “In War, Practice Dissimulation” The citizens say In Peace do the Opposite. Its in a book I read as a child. We are with YOU Romans 12:9-21″

4. twobigboobs - March 26, 2009

If Obama believes that the American people voted for him, in order to usher in a broad new era of increased government, he is flat wrong. He ran as a bipartisan figure, and Americans elected him for that. They did not elect him to saddle the nation in debt on account of his pet projects. Investment in education and in green energy are all well and good, but the money for these projects does not come out of thin air. Simply printing more money amounts to a de-facto tax on every American, through inflation. Any economist will tell you that. Americans are starting to wake up and smell the coffee, this is not the Obama we thought we knew.

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