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Pres. Obama a representative of secular paganism? April 4, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, Chrisitanity, covenant, God, Jesus Christ, Jews, law, Middle East, moral law, New Testament, politics, secularism, Torah.

In a recent commentary titled “Realism,” Prof. Paul Eidelberg commented on Pres. Obama’s alliance with the Islamic Middle East. As far as Prof. Eidelberg is concerned, Obama represent secular Christianity and its coalition against a Jewish Israeli state.

It’s plain that the Obama administration and the European Union do not take Islam seriously, which is why they are demanding a Palestinian state NOW. Unconditional acceptance of a Palestinian state was the objective of the Annapolis Conference, which Mr. Lieberman rejected in his maiden speech. In other words, he rejected unconditional surrender to Israel’s enemy, the Fatah-Hamas Palestinian Authority. Turn, however, to Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

That the President of the United States should genuflect from the waist down to Saudi King Faud signifies the (ignominious) unconditional surrender of the United States to Islam.

Mr. Obama’s father was a Muslim (which makes him a Muslim); his mother a secular Christian. Obama’s bowing to King Faud signifies an alliance of Islam and the secularized Christian West against Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel.

This alliance may be said to have begun in 1975 when the United Nations declared Zionism a form of racism and subsequently endowed the Arafat-led PLO with “observer status.” Thereafter, both the US and the EU rolled out the red carpet to Arafat. In violation of its agreement with Israel concerning the PLO, President Carter Jimmy allowed the PLO to establish an office in Washington, DC. PLO offices were also established in various European capitals. The two offspring of Judaism again bit the breasts that had suckled them.

Pres. Obama may represent a paganized secular form of Christianity but he does not represent Christianity. He is neither a Christian not an ambassador of it. My view is justified on several grounds:

  1. The first and foremost allegiance of any genuine Christian is to the Lordship of Jesus, the risen Jew from Nazareth. The Lordship of Jesus is not divorced from the law or purposes of God. Rather, his rule can only perpetuate God’s agenda and not contrarian politics or religion of mortal people. Jesus was and is anointed (Messiah) for the purpose of the fulfillment of God’s plans for His kingdom in heaven and on earth.

    Pres. Obama, his mentors, and most American political leader serve their own world socialist agendas not God’s.

  2. Such allegiance has been manifest in both holy writ and through the lives of the faithful. To be faithful means to live a life exemplary of the law and will of the Lord and of God.

    Pres. Obama actually represents the secular paganism of the Democratic Party as well as the agenda of World Socialism. So do most of his associates in the executive office. Obama’s furtherance of the sexual politics of immorality is sufficient evidence of this fact. Covenantal law explicated in Torah, Hebrew prophets, gospels, epistles, and Revelation make it absolutely clear that Pres. Obama and all secularists like him are enemies of the kingdom of God and Jesus.

    Pres. Obama is the exact opposite of the the founder who could easily promote and defend the word of God and legislate according to its legal principles as easily as party politicians like Obama oppose them.

  3. The unforgivable crime of these secular pagans is the rivers of innocent blood that cover their legislative hands and criminal souls. This is the crime that God fulfilled His promise to the ancient Jews to extricate them from the promised land. This was the crime that God refused to hear their half-hearted repentance. It was the moral crime God would not stay the judgment. This was the crime of the Babylonians, Caesar, Incas, and others whose civilizations passed out of existence. It is the same crime perpetrated by secular America that God will not long tolerate.

Secular Christianity does not exist because it cannot exist. The two terms create an oxymoron. Christianity represents the kingdom under the rule of a Jewish King. The redemptive justice extended by God to the world through this redeemer-king is one of tolerance but of the full satisfaction of eternal justice under absolute rule of law. This is the love of God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Messiah. This is what modern secularists fully reject, which motivates all of their criminal act cloaked by lawless laws and the terrible consequences society now experiences.



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