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Constitution Party Passes 4 Resolutions at National Committee Meeting June 24, 2009

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During the June 11-13 National Committee meetings, Constitutional Party leaders passed four resolution relevant to current affairs in America. The four resolutions are as follows:

Against Confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor
Condemning Federal Bailouts of Private Industry
Honoring Alaskan Independence Party
Opposing Constitution Article V Convention

1st Resolution: The Constitutional Party opposes Judge Sotomayor nomination because she denies individuals the right to bear arm as stated in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. She favors statehood for Puerto Rico, which they believe will endanger America as an English language nation. She supports giving voting rights to convicted murderers who are still serving time in prison. She is comprehensively opposed to the death penalty for convicted first degree murderers. She has been a member of the National Council of La Raza, many of the leaders of which favor amnesty for illegal aliens and the return of the southwest United States to Mexico. She also favors racial and ethnic quotas in education and employment. These facts led Party leaders to urge the US Senate to reject confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to be a justice of the Supreme Court of these United States.

2nd Resolution: Party leaders spoke not only for most members but also probably for most American citizens affected the government’s engineered economic crisis. They narrowed their points of criticism to the following six statements:

Whereas, “Bailouts” have increased the federal debt that will be handed down to subsequent generations; and

Whereas the “Bailouts” violate the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause by allowing the federal government’s interference with a private contract; and

Whereas our Founders were emphatic that the public treasury should never become a public trough, and

Whereas, the Federal government is not granted the power to invest in and take over private industry; and

Whereas, industry “Bailouts” begun by Republican President George W. Bush and escalated by Democrat President Barrack Barack Obama, are unconstitutional and these presidents had no authority to fundamentally alter the relationship between the federal government and private businesses; and therefore be in it.

Resolved, that the Constitution Party strongly condemns such “Bailouts” of any and all private industry as they are completely unauthorized by, and in fact are, in violation of specific sections of the Constitution of the United States and further because they constitute a cruel and unfair tax on the posterity of our nation.

3rd Resolution: The Constitutional Party offers official congratulations to the Alaskan Independent Party for achieving 25 years of service to our liberty, constitutionally limited government, God-given individual rights, and tenth Amendment states rights.

4th Resolution: In this last resolution, the Constitutional Party calls on all Americans understand why an Article V convention mentioned in the U.S. Constitution opens the door to the recreating a completely different government under false pretenses by a few people.

Thirty-two states have called for an Article V Constitutional Convention, and of those, twelve have rescinded their call, leaving twenty states with open calls for a Convention.

The original Constitution Convention did not limit itself to the subject for which it was called. The American people have no assurance that a Constitutional Convention will safeguard the liberty and freedom that have been bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers as a result of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Consequently, a Constitutional Convention has the potential to undo the protections of our unalienable rights and limits on government defined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights enumerated in the first 10 Amendments.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States have been our nation’s standard and title of liberty respectively for more than two centuries. The freedom and liberty of all Americans can and will continue to be maintained by adherence to the principles contained in them.

Therefore, the Constitution Party National Committee calls upon all Americans to defend the Constitution by opposing calls for a Constitutional Convention, and be it further. The Party calls upon citizens of the states that have approved and still have an open call for a Constitutional Convention to petition their state to rescind a call for a constitutional convention. Moreover, the Party calls upon all Americans to learn the principles contained in the Constitution and apply those principles and power, inherent in the people and reserved to States in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, to safeguard our liberties.

This resolution shows us the importance of renewing and enforcing state sovereignty against politicians, special interests, and foreigners who constantly seek to diminish the rights of states and their citizens by enlarging the powers and so-called entitlements programs of federal government. Most federal legislation increasing government powers and spending are not passed by common consent of a majority of the people but by consent to mostly unaccountable party elites and their agendas. Not all voters either know or agree to every item of any party’s agenda. That is why a third or independent party and capable politicians are needed to break the stranglehold of party elites and their never-ending agendas and problems they ever repeat.

Source: http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=975



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