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US Senate Health Committee Passes Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America July 20, 2009

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, Congress, corporations, economy, health care, news, politics.

The great lumbering health care reform gears are in motion in Washington D.C., and the Big Government machine is spitting out a new recipe for the bankruptcy of America: A “health care reform” bill that pleases all the special interest groups and pharmaceutical companies but does nothing to improve the health of ordinary Americans.

Health care reform in Washington today isn’t about health, or reform. It’s about mandating monopoly-priced western medicine for the masses. It’s about fining people who wisely opt out of the criminally-operated health insurance industry, and it’s designed to keep the American people sick and diseased while emptying their pockets of any remaining earnings they might have somehow squirreled away during the ongoing financial / real estate crash.

For starters, this Senate health reform bill would financially penalize people who take care of their own health and choose not to hand over $1,000 or month (or more) to a corrupt, criminally-operated health insurance system. This is a bill that actually punishes people for staying healthy! At the same time, it just happens to expand the monopoly of western medicine to encompass the entire U.S. population, criminalizing those who have opted out of the failed health care system.

The other joke in this health care reform is the idea of a new government-run health plan, which is being hilariously presented as a way to “drive down costs.”

Since when has Big Government ever been able to drive down the costs of anything? It was Big Government, under the Bush administration, that actually made it illegal for government to negotiate price discounts with drug companies, locking in monopoly prices that filled the coffers of Big Pharma while bankrupting the taxpayers.

Even now, the FDA (under the Obama administration) continues its outright war against the natural products industry, censoring truthful information about the health benefits of dietary supplements in a tyrannical effort to eliminate Big Pharma’s competition. This has the effect of eliminating choice for consumers, ultimately driving up monopoly health care costs under the system of western medicine that (laughingly) claims to provide health care today.

Life is a pre-existing condition

The one good thing in the current discussions about health care reform is the idea of barring insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Because, after all, who doesn’t have a pre-existing condition? Simply being born is a pre-existing condition, isn’t it? (Hospitals consider pregnancy and childbirth to be medical emergencies requiring drugs and surgery…)

According to drug-pushing psychiatrists, life itself is a pre-existing condition requiring pharmaceutical intervention. Merely experiencing emotions like sadness or happiness (or too much happiness followed by too much sadness) is a disease, they claim. Where are the reforms that would outlaw this psych drugging nonsense?

Meanwhile, there is nothing in these reforms that would actually teach Americans how to be healthy. Where are the calls for the arrest and imprisonment of Big Pharma executives, corrupt FDA officials and rogue FTC enforcers who have indirectly caused the deaths of millions of Americans through their war on natural remedies? Where is the ban on pharmaceutical TV ads, or the requirement that medical studies practice something resembling honest science instead of just making up whatever numbers they want and submitting those to medical journals for publication?

Source: U.S. Senate Health Committee Passes Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America



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