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Thank you for visiting The State of America. The State of America is the brain child of Daniel Downs. It was conceived when a February 21, 2007 article entitled “Four Rapes Five Victims” was rejected by another publication. That article is not just about rape though; it is about a more complex social problem evident in the lives of children, schools, and society in general. Another related theme of the article was about problems gay politics is producing in America (and around the world). Those problems however are only one part of a much more pervasive problem in American culture and society. Even though I do not support their cause, I understand why the gay community assert their constitutional as well as unconstitutional rights. What is not readily understood is why a large segment of society supports such behavioral politics without seemingly critical evaluation, and more important, little if any humane consideration of other possible solutions. Maybe more astounding is their bind zeal for an ideology that opposes historical social values or political ideals. Being passionate about what one believes in is often a pretty good thing except when it results in diminishing the lives and freedom of others.

When America was founded and our Constitution written, the founders stated why their contemporary beliefs, values and political principles were important. The political, religious and moral values were necessary then and would be necessary in the future for American freedom to continue. The line in the proverbial sand is the destructive divide between pre-twentieth century tradition and post-eighteenth century ideological developments, e.g. socialism, humanism, and their part in the formation of liberal secularism as well as the corporate welfare economy, globalism, and the necessity of Middle East peace for liberal secularism’s ultimate success. Can the freedoms, rights, laws and government of a society formed on the belief in the rule of law, natural law rights and obligations, biblical law and values, moral capitalism, and God who made those inherent in human nature to guide their relations and societies survive the seemingly arbitrary machination of liberal secularism?

The State of America will attempt to address those issues with the goal of identifying where America has departed from and further developed its original purpose, goals and intended outcomes as handed down in our nation’s political documents and history. To accomplish this aim, the State of America will present analysis and commentary on past and present news, current events, and public policy. It is hoped the accumulative effect will be to keep bloggers informed of the current state of America. I welcome your comments and hope you find this blog of continual value.

Daniel Downs may be contacted at thestateofamerica@gmail.com.


1. waltzingaustralia - October 18, 2007

Well, I like everything I’ve read — the About, several articles, and even the Blogroll. May many read your work and understand. Thank you.

2. Brooke - October 24, 2007

Dear Daniel,

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. has recently published a new book titled Censoring Sex: A Historical Journey Through American Media by John E. Semonche. In light of the area of interest covered by your blog Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. thought you might be interested in receiving a complimentary review copy of Censoring Sex. http://www.RowmanLittlefield.com/ISBN/0742551326

If you are interested in a complimentary review copy, please contact me at the email provided.

3. G W Bennet - June 7, 2008

I reviewed the article entitled: Revenge Politics. Was a well written, poignant piece. I did however find your assertion that the Koran encourages revenge as patently untrue. Even the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (Book of Ahadiths) discourages revenge, violence and dishonesty in all quarters of social behavior and offers other avenues of resolution to those who study the verses. What is sad and often misunderstood from the west in terms of islamic behavior today and throughout history, is the nihilistic undercurrent which is perpetuated from the oldest traditions and cultural practices from the per-Muhammad times. Having said that , there may be a a good comparison for your article in which as an example of such latent tendencies arising in the light of recent American policies in regards to the 911 attacks and the effect on US war and justice policies.

4. Miles Holmes - October 25, 2008

You just lost all your credibility with this article. You copied the attorney’s request for an Order. The facts are that the Court threw out the case as “ridiculous” and “patently false”.

Here is the real story from a real newspaper: http://www.philly.com/dailynews/local/20081025_Judge_rejects_Montco_lawyer_s_bid_to_have_Obama_removed_from_ballot.html

Here is your lie: http://xeniagazette.1upmonitor.com/main.asp?SectionID=17&SubSectionID=452&ArticleID=161386&TM=85035.18

I guess you’ll be searching for a new career. Good luck.

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