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State of America, First Six Months Under Pres. Obama & 5 Previous Presidents August 7, 2009

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Brookings recently published mid-year report on the state of America at the end of Pres. Obama as compared with the past five presidents. There is a stark contrast between Obama and GW Bush. The tables below include comparisons of the presidencies of Bill Clinton, GW Bush, and Barak Obama. (To see the entire report, go to www.brookings.edu).

“Common Defense”


Bill Clinton (1993)

George W. Bush (2001)

Barack Obama (2009)

U.S. defense budget (billions of constant fiscal 2009 dollars)
Number of U.S. military personnel stationed abroad
U.S. defense budget as a percentage of GDP
Number of U.S. military combat fatalities
Number of nations that have tested a nuclear weapon
Armed conflicts worldwide
Civilian casualties due to armed conflicts worldwide

“General Welfare”


Bill Clinton (1993)

George W. Bush (2001)

Barack Obama (2009)

Real GDP growth (annualized for first quarter of presidency)
Unemployment rate
Consumer confidence (Conference Board consumer confidence index in June)
Inflation (six-month change in Consumer Price Index, annualized)
Interest rate on 30-year fixed mortgage
Public debt as a percentage of GDP
Oil imports (as a percentage of U.S. oil consumption)
Percentage of large metropolitan areas with employment declines
Percent of large metro areas with house price declines
Federal Reserve balance sheet as a percentage of GDP
Personal savings rate
Life expectancy for people born in year of election
77.8 (est.)
Percentage of non-elderly Americans lacking health insurance in year of election

“Blessings of Liberty”


Bill Clinton (1993)

George W. Bush (2001)

Barack Obama (2009)

Approval rating of the president, as of July 15
Approval rating of Congress, as of July 15
“Satisfied with the way things are,” as of July 15 
Satisfaction improvement over six months 
Approval rating of the president by independent voters, as of July 15
Gap between Republican and Democratic presidential approval ratings 

What the above statistics tells us is what problems a president inherited and how much change he was able to effective produce. Clinton inherited Reagan’s fiscal discipline. Reagan’s ability to decrease taxes as well as government spending was a success that made Clinton appears a better president than he actually was. Congress is the legislative body that creates the final budget. A spending crazy Congress required a vetoing President like GW Bush. Now, we have Obama, one of those spending crazy members of Congress. GW Bush did as well as he did most likely because he a conservative Congress during his first six months in office.

To see how Carter, Reagan, HW Bush compares to the Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama, go to www.brookings.edu.


Pew perspective on political party popularity June 9, 2008

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the graph below speaks volumes about the need for the Republican Party to communicate to America a consistent vision. The graph shows a steep incline of favor towards the Democratic Party since after mid-2006 while a correlative decline is charted for the Republicans.

As the Pew Research poll doesn’t tell us why the image of the Democratic Party is more highly favored, but my guess is it has something to do with the hyper-propaganda of liberals about the Bush’s supposed lies about the war, how bad the war is going, the strong oil ties of Pres. Bush and VP Cheney, and a prolonged campaign battle of Senators Clinton and Obama. Of course, the Democrats fail to mention that most of them had available the same data that Bush had. Most voted for going to war in Iraq and against terrorism. Many Democrats also have ties to the oil or energy industries as well as other multi-national corporations. War is heck. Yet, our troops have accomplished many humanitarian works in Iraq. A few hours ago, Nightly News reported on the many Iraqis who are reporting weapon caches and claiming more peaceful conditions and improved confidence.

I think some additional reasons for the decline of approval of the Republican Party are the divisions evident among its members. In many states, republican leaders are promoting and passing laws contradictory to conservative ideology and values. Gay special rights, abortion, and other controversial issues. It seems religion is a problem issue for Republicans while the Democrats are fully identifying with religion. The problem is in what is meant by religion. The cultural war between liberals and conservatives is still being waged as much in church and synagogue as in politics. Liberals have secularized their theology just as liberal have done to social policy. As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in his book Liberal Fascism, American liberals shared the same political deals and policies as did Mussolini, Stalin, Lennon, Hitler, and their successors.

The new star of the Democratic Party is more liberal than third way Clinton.

Some good news for Republicans is the decline of approval of a Democrat led Congress. According to the Pew chart below, the disapproval rating of Congress was 38% before the Democrats gained control. Today, the percent of Americans who disapprove of Congress is 51% — that is a 12% increase in about one year.

It seems a significant majority of Americans respond to Congressional paternalism by holding their noses and saying Pew-ee. (That’s the opposite of Yee Hah in poll language).

Source: The Pew Research Center Survey Report.

A Skeptical Look at Presidential Campaigns February 4, 2008

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Have you been listening to the national media’s campaign coverage? It seems ultra-liberal Hilary Clinton is now a born-again religious centrist. She now regularly uses the G— word. Her live-in personal aid I a devout Muslim. Bill also frequently heard using the G—word while stumping for Hilary. In all fairness, Hilary has her Methodist roots, and Bill his Baptist background. Echoing other liberal and social concern religious leaders, the Clinton’s are preaching the “take-back-American-politics-from-the-religious-right” movement. Many of those liberal and socialist religious leaders have been campaigning for universal health care, abortion, immigrant amnesty, gay agenda, forced gay sex-education for elementary children, voucher-less school funding, no parental rights over kids sexual or abortion decisions, evolution-only education, more federal regulation of state and local education, and on and on. Thus, like the proverbial big bad wolf parading in sheep clothing, Hilary represents secularists in religious clothing. (more…)

Foreign Oil Dependence of American Consumers and Presidential Candidates January 22, 2008

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All of the criticism about oil profiteers in the Whitehouse engenders skepticism about the ties of current presidential candidates to increasing oil profits and possibly to Saudi Arabia. Consequently, I did some googling to see what I could find. The results are not earthshaking but they are informative, but first a little oil industry background.

Foreign Oil and America’s Dependence

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), America imports about a third of all energy sources. America imports a little more fossil fuel than other sources of energy. The DOE reports 38% of fossil fuels are imported while 62% are produced domestically. Twenty years ago, America imported about 21% of all its fossil fuels and imports amounted to only a little over 10% forty years ago. (more…)

Let’s Impeach Bush—Liberal Anti-American Election Strategy August 17, 2007

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Will a liberal dominated Congress cave in to public pressure also led by liberal democrats to impeachment of President Bush and his administration? Democrats have already proposed two bills of impeachment. They want the heads on both Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Vice President Dick Cheney on the golden party plate. Washington State Democrat Jay Inslee
leads the effort to impeach Gonzales while Ohio Representative Dennis Kunich leads the charge to impeach Cheney. Democrats and other liberal haters of President Bush are dedicated to winning their war against the Whitehouse. By trumping up charges against Gonzales, they may be able to eliminate one particularly disliked conservative from sitting on the Supreme Court. By removing Cheney from office, power-mongering Pelosi would move into Cheney’s spot. Democrats would then be in a position to impeach Bush and replace him with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (more…)

United Nations: Liberalism’s Strong Arm for Abortion July 27, 2007

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The old saying “what a web we weave” is certainly applicable to the United Nations (UN) and NGOs like the Center for Reproductive Rights. They weave a web with all nations and peoples as their prey. More precisely, they prey on those people they intend never will have a chance to exist. (more…)