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FBI’s corruption case snitch politically connected by money August 4, 2009

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Before he helped the government snare dozens of New Jersey public officials by offering bribes, the FBI’s informant in a corruption case was a prolific on-the-books campaign donor, giving roughly $190,000 to high-level candidates over an eight-year span.

None of the 30 or so politicians who received legal campaign donations from Solomon Dwek have been implicated in the scandal. Forty-four people, mostly Democrats, were arrested last week, including three mayors, two state assemblymen, five rabbis and many other public officials.

But many recipients are rushing to give the money to charity as they look to distance themselves from Dwek and the state’s culture of corruption.

“When you’ve taken money from somebody in involved in a scandal, you give it back as fast as you can,” said Peter Woolley, a political science professor and pollster at Fairleigh Dickinson-Public Mind. “In the public’s mind, giving money and influencing politicians is one in the same thing.”

Dwek and his wife, Pearl, donated to candidates at all levels of government — a sign of just how politically connected the former real estate developer was.

Dwek’s legal donations began in 1998, according to state and federal campaign finance records, and stopped just weeks before his April 2006 arrest for federal bank fraud. That crime put him under the FBI’s thumb and led to his undercover work offering money to dozens of public officials and politicians in exchange for their influence.

According to campaign finance records, recipients of his legitimate donations include a county officials, state assemblymen and senators, congressmen and two former gubernatorial candidates, and even a U.S. president. They do not include current Gov. Jon Corzine, however.

Among the biggest beneficiaries was Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone, who received $10,900 from Dwek and his wife, Pearl, from 1999 to 2005. The couple gave Pallone’s political action committee an additional $5,000 in 2005.

Other Democratic recipients include U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, Congressmen Rush Holt, former New Jersey Sen. Robert Torricelli, and former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt.

Republicans recipients were state Sens. Tom Kean, Jr. and Joseph Kyrillos, 2005 GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester, former Congressmen Bob Franks and Dick Zimmer, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter — who became a Democrat earlier this year — and even President George W. Bush.

The Dweks’ donations favored Republicans at the state level and Democrats at the federal level.

Excerpts from AP Report published by Transparency International, Jully 31, 2009.


The Extraordinary Evil of Bernie Madoff July 6, 2009

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As I was opening some previously unopened e-mail newsletters, I came across another Bill Bonner financial commentary that I just could not resist posting. An American, held up in London’s financial district, Bonner’s insight are as enlightening and they are through-provokingly ironic. The Bonner bite tickles something between the large funny bone atop the shoulders. And, though the Madoff scandal is not really funny, his accusers are likely chuckling at the rest of us for believing them. That is, if Bonner’s insight are more true than not.

Hmmm … let’s see.

Poor Bernie. The man has been ordered to spend 150 years in the hoosegow. What for? Who did he kill? A century and a half seems a little excessive for a financial crime. You could hold up three liquor stores and rape a whole convent and still not get 150 years. With a little bit of good lawyer-ing, a history of child abuse in the family, and good behavior in the big house, you’d be back on the street in 18 months.

But all the papers seem delighted. “Locked up for Life!” says one of today’s headlines. The judge “threw the book at him,” says another. His victims wanted him to get no mercy. The judge gave him none, imposing the maximum sentence. He is “extraordinarily evil,” said the man on the bench.

Justice has been done. Right?

Here in the building with the gold balls on the roof, we’re not so sure. We stand up for lost causes…die hards…and scalawags. Besides, we’re not convinced that Bernie is extraordinarily evil at all. He seems much more like an ordinary evil to us.

They say he defrauded investors out of $65 billion. The amount is unusual, but the crime is as common as income tax evasion. Who gets 150 years for evading income taxes? Heck, in civilized countries it’s not a crime at all – but a civil misdemeanor, subject to fine and retribution, not punishment.

But didn’t he lie to investors? Well, yes…he exaggerated the returns investors were likely to get from his fund. But if you put every fellow on Wall Street who does that in jail, you wouldn’t have any room for stick-up men and wife beaters.

Isn’t he the biggest financial scammer of all time? Well…he’s the title-holder now. But he has a lot of competition close on his heels. Bernie’s crime was taking money from people under false pretenses…and then being unable to give it back to them. How is that different from the financing activities of the US government?

This year alone, the feds will borrow 50 times as much money as Bernie managed to take in during his whole 20-year career. They can only pay it back by borrowing even more money from more lenders. This is not very different from the typical “Ponzi” scheme, except that it’s the government doing it. Eventually, the suckers are going to lose a lot of money.

And when you balance Bernie’s sins against his virtues, we’re not sure the man doesn’t come out at least as well as many of his accusers. While Bernie was pretending to make his investors rich, the SEC was pretending to protect them from Bernie. In fact, neither were really doing what they claimed. Which is to say, both are guilty of ordinary evil.

As we pointed out yesterday, nothing is as dangerous as good luck. Madoff was not extraordinarily evil; he was just extraordinarily lucky. He was plying his trade when the feds were pumping up the biggest financial bubble in history. No wonder so much hot gas came his way. His luck ran out when the bubble popped. And now a court has found him guilty of fraud and a judge has ordered him locked up for a period equal to roughly the time between the end of the US War Between the States and the resignation of Richard Nixon.

While Bernie is behind bars, the SEC and FED officials are still at large. Both are clearly guilty of dereliction and negligence.

But, what is the point of keeping Madoff in prison? He represents no threat. Rather than pay $30,000 per year to keep him locked up, we suggest that he be forced to do community service work. He should be pressed into service as the next head of the Federal Reserve after Ben Bernanke’s term expires in December. With Madoff in the big office, there would be no longer any illusions about what sort of bank the Fed is running.

What a minute! In other commentary Bonner, John Mauldin, and other financial experts claim that the federal government stimuluses and bailouts are only making the situation worse. They claim when economic misbehavior occurs long enough a correction always takes place. It the world of parents and children a correction is called a spanking or a loss of desert, playtime, texting, or some other consumptive privilege. However, the parental federal government in all of their secular wisdom is desperately trying to convince us that bad behaviors don’t have bad consequences. It’s the mentality that you can steal and kill without the blow-back called justice if, and only if, you play by their unnatural rules. In this case, they are desperate to overcome the moral discipline of capitalism. (No wonder they are pushing socialism so fiercely.)

All of the above reveals Madoff is merely a smoke screen diverting the public attention away from their own misbehaviors. While making the Madoff look like the bad guy, the federal government is getting away with …..

To read the rest of Bill Bonner’s commentary, go to The Daily Reckoning.

God Visits the Democratic Convention August 26, 2008

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What a perfect time for God to visit America and all of the people who promote much that the Bible says God hates. In Revelation, Jesus relays the clear message that God hates all immorality. That means all sexual promiscuity, marital infidelity, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, and any other form of immorality. Democrats generally define morality as irrelevant to the right to do-your-own-thing no matter historical, legal, moral, or natural law it might violate.

Among the old school vanguard of the freedom to every form of law and precedence, especially God’s law, is one of Washington, DC’s grandmasters, Edward Kennedy. Joe Biden is another. The newest vanguard hopeful, Barak Obama, needs the paternal guidance from God own opponent.

Can anyone really believe that those in golden halls of Congress and other high places of greed and power worship who continuous defy God, His law, His justice, and His redemptive mercy are some neutral about those values valued by the Creator and Supreme Judge of the World. I suspect the founding Congress would not be able to believe that those who promote, defend, and legislate the killing of the innocent in the womb and out, who seek to annul the laws of God by promoting, defending, and legislating every form of immorality known to man-and they call it good–could be anything other than the enemy of God, morality, freedom, and humanity.

Now, is the time for God honoring people to pray for God to visit the largest number of those leaders and their followers ever to occur in another four years. This is the week he party of death, immorality, and deceit seek to perpetuate the same old evils. What better time for God to judge their moral crimes past and those they intended to perpetuate into the future. There can be do better moment for the Living and Holy One to judge them all and call them all to repentance. What better time could there possibly be for the Almighty to reveal his glory and judicial power to a bunch of self-deceiving atheist and their near synonymous secularist brethren.

Of course, if the high and wealthy actually repented of their lies, greed, immorality, hatred of God, his laws, and people, that would really screw up the two parties of imperial subversion. Who else but the political and monied powerful could be responsible for ripping off the poor in order to increase their own wealth and power. Read the Hebrew prophets; you will see the justice loving God hates that too.

Just think of it! The grand paternal Democrats intend the to take care of the middle class too. In case you missed it, that means they intend to make the middle class equally better off as all of the poor they supposedly have helped. Read my lips: They want what middle class freedom may remain for their global imperial goals.

Either people who actually honor and love God fight by prayer, by their resources, and by working the American system or enjoy the vindication of the founding generation, the D. James Kennedy’s who warned of God ‘s judgment for those things the Democrats love and God hates.

I wonder if D. James Kennedy, Adrain Rogers, Jerry Falwell, and all of those Puritans are reminding God about the counsel they gave to America on God’s behalf? I think it will only take 2 or 3 lovers of God, truth, and morality agreeing in prayer to invite God to participate in the Democratic Convention.

Day of Silence Day of Truth April 24, 2008

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LGBT Day of Silence is a day of gay political activism. The Day of Truth is simply a day of counter-cultural political activism. A day of silence would almost be okay if it was about all bullying, all intolerance, and all discrimination, but it is not. What about the harassment of the goofy looking guy with glasses, or the person with a big wart on her neck, or the one with too many ugly pimples, or wimps, or nerds, or those who wear black cloaks and look like gangsters, or all the others who are often harassed because of appearance or speech problem or whatever? Gays are certainly not the only ones silenced, harassed, bullied, alienated, or isolated. A lot of kids have been murdered by other kids because of being harassed before and since the Columbine massacre. Why is their not a national day of protest for them? (more…)

Prozac, Prescription for Murder March 24, 2008

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In a recent Illinois Family Institute article, Rhonda Robinson asks the question: “So how does a caring, brilliant student majoring in social work with a desire to help others turn into a monster?” (more…)

Barak Obama and the Second Amendment February 28, 2008

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What is Barak Obama’s position on the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Is he for or against the right to own guns?

AP reporter Nedra Pickler wrote:

Senator Obama, a former constitutional law instructor, said some scholars argue the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees gun ownerships only to militias, but he believes it grants individual gun rights.

“I think there is an individual right to bear arms, but it’s subject to commonsense regulation” like background checks, he said during a news conference.

Although Obama supports gun control, while campaigning in gun-friendly Idaho earlier this month, he said he does not intend to take away people’s guns.

At a news conference, he recently voiced support for the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns, which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court next month.

“The notion that somehow local jurisdictions can’t initiate gun safety laws to deal with gang bangers and random shootings on the street isn’t born out by our Constitution,” Obama said.

So what are we to make of Obama’s position on gun ownership? He may tell campaign audiences that he believes in the right to own guns if that is what they want to hear. In the name of security, his idea of commonsense regulation is making gun ownership completely illegal. That is what the Washington D.C. ban is. No resident if Washington D.C. may possess a gun in his or her homes. (more…)

When Crime is a Legal Right January 26, 2008

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Everyone would admit society cannot sanction crime. To justify crime, especially violent crime, is to condone violence. Many religious and non-religious people oppose the death penalty because they argue it perpetuates more violence and death. In agricultural terms, society reaps more violence for sowing more violence. To legalize homicide would be to endorse the extermination of society. If rape was legalized, immoral men would have no qualms about satisfying their hormones whenever, wherever, and on whomever they pleased. Isn’t that what dogs do? Legalizing violence is to endorse the rule of terrorism. Terrorism is the threat of violence and destruction that eliminates trust and engenders stupefying fear. Civilized society cannot exist under such a culture.

The civilized world is doing just that. (more…)