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Faith Healing Government Miracles September 4, 2009

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Sojourner’s Jim Wallis is America’s leading preacher of faith healing. Unlike his charismatic brethren, Wallis is preaching faith in government. In praise of the benevolent overlords of health care, Wallis calls on us to believe in the liberal’s health care plan for miraculous healing. Like the healing ministry of Jesus, Wallis proclaims the federal government will save the poor from a woeful lack health care and poverty as well.

Actually, his latest sermon didn’t include deliverance from poverty by government or anyone else. The likely reason is that neither government bureaucrats nor big business has any plans of raising the poor out of the dependency on their big government savior. I doubt that Obama does either.

I know my comments seem to border on the edge of intolerant blasphemy, but consider Wallis’ words:

We are calling on people of faith to carry on the healing ministry of Jesus by making sure your political representatives understand that the faith community will be satisfied with nothing less than accessible, affordable health care for all Americans, built on a solid financial foundation. (emphasis added)

People of faith need to be the steady, moral drumbeat driving the debate and keeping our politicians accountable. This is a critical and long-overdue opportunity to fix a broken and inequitable system, which must not be derailed either by powerful special interests or by those, on any side, who just want to score political points. It is up to all of us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Like Wallis, the United Methodist Church believes it is the government’s responsibility to provide all citizens with adequate health care. I have to ask; where in the Bible does it say that? Where in the U.S. Constitution does it give liberal politicians in Washington the legal authority? Maybe they read the general welfare clause as being non-restrictive in such matters.

If so, why don’t they interpret it in a way that gives themselves the power to ensure that every working American earns a wage they can live on? It would be equitable for every working American to earn enough for a minimally independent life without welfare assistance. Isn’t it more important for individuals to earn enough to pay banks for a mortgage, pay GM for a new car every 3-5 years, to maintain clothing and housewares, to purchase government mandated new television and communication technologies, to buy healthy food, as well as adequate health care insurance?

The answer given by federal and state politicians as well as Wall Street funded corporations is NO unless you are fully dependent on Almighty Gov or on one of its Union bosses, AFL-CIO or NEA for example. One exception is if you have been blessed by fate with the right global market skills developed at the right university with a more marketable degree such science, computer technology, medicine, law, or business investment and marketing. Having been born or raised in the right family or have gained the right social connections helps too.

Wallis’ liberal propaganda jazzed up with religious hype makes right-wing theocrats look like Saint Theresa. At least she actually helped the poor, diseased, and the orphan. If as I suspect, Wallis is sincere in his effort to help the poor and needy; it appears he has wondered to far from the fold and has enter the den of wolves.

Jesus said, “The wolf comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy.” The gospel of government salvation has the serpent imprint. The glorious health care reform being evangelized to America will not only help those kept in poverty with paying for government’s health care insurance but it will insure the killing of the unborn and the useless elderly. The miracle healing promised by faith in government will also continue robbing many of an equitable income as well the freedom from the tyranny of dependency on government or quasi-governments such as Wall Street funded corporations. Many financial experts, economists, and even brave health professionals are claiming that the current government is destroying our economy, our better than all other national health care systems, and our future.

Jesus also said, “The truth will set you free.” The truth is Obama, liberals, and wayward Christians are not telling the truth. Read the dag-gone health bills and committee amendments. Then consider this: medical science can only assist the human body to heal itself. That is how God designed it. Only the Creator can actually heal the human body. He alone can reprogram the DNA or other aspects of mutated organisms that destroy normal human cells. Maybe one day, medical science will actually discover all of the Designer’s secrets, but until then, only faith in God for healing is warranted.

Sources: Sojourner, August 20, 2009; United Methodist Church News, August 19, 2009; John 10: 10; and John 8:32.


A New Victim of Gay Sexual Politics, Evangelical Lutheran Church August 22, 2009

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The Washington Times recently reported that a majority of leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently voted to change church law to permit non-celibate gays into the sacred office of the clergy. At the same time, a majority of church leaders changed denominational law to recognize same-sex common law marriage (but by other terminology).

According to the report, “The resolution on clergy, easily the most controversial, passed by 559 ‘yes’ votes (55.3 percent) to 451 ‘no’ votes (44.6 percent). It committed the ELCA to open its clergy ranks to people in “publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships.”

The vote allowing congregations to ‘”recognize, support and hold publicly accountable life-long, monogamous, same-gender relationships,” passed by 619 ‘yes’ (60.6 percent) to 402 ‘no’ votes (39.3 percent) was less controversial than allowing non-celibate gays to represent the church and Christ.

The report noted two responses these developments: Those who believe it will result in many people leaving the church and those who believe it will result in significant church growth. One member of the Metropolitan New York Synod said her gays were the reason her congregation was growing. Leaders of representing most American and foreign synods voiced strong disapproval of these decisions because of their opposition to the teaching of the church.

As with other mainline denominations, the democratic politics and secularly defined social relevance appears to be the most important factors in these decisions.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in American cannot be charge with religious fundamentalism. They have tossed the fundamentals out. The most important fundamental is abiding under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As recorded in the book of Revelation, the risen Christ told the churches in Asia Minor that he hated the sexually immoral politics and practices that were being spread by the Nicolaitans and Jezebel, who was likely one of their leaders in Thyatira. Like the Laodiceans, they can only be charged with being faithful secular fundamentalists.

The still popular song lyric sung by Jackie DeShannon expresses the religious sentiment of modern sexual politics, “all we need now is love … sweet [tolerant] love” not holiness and truth.

The problem with all of this is not whether the church will grow, or split, or gain social relevance. After this testing of faithfulness, the problem will be when and how the Lord will come and fight against the immoral and their supporters. As Christ promised the Pergamum church, he will come and fight against them with the sword of His mouth. If that means anything like his warning to the unrepenting Jezebel, they and their loving supporters will receive the same judgment that the members of the tolerantly immoral cities of Sodom and Gomorrah received.

Those who do not like a God who actually judges and punishes moral crime (sin, immortality) hate the rule of law and especially moral law.


God’s economy in 2009 January 16, 2009

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The headline called out from newspapers around the world — the ongoing credit crunch had claimed another victim. This time it was German businessman Adolf Merckle. A bespectacled and balding 74-year-old family businessman, Merckle lost hundreds of millions of euros last year in the financial markets, according to The Wall Street Journal. Distraught over the difficulty in obtaining a 400-million euro loan from a consortium of German banks to help right his business interests, he chose to end his life along a rail line near Blaubeuren-Weiler, Germany.

News articles noted this was far from the first suicide tied to the current economic crisis — a French financier who lost a reported $1.5 billion on behalf of his clients, with a suspected Ponzi scheme involving Bernard L. Madoff, was found dead in his Manhattan office before Christmas.

From my years as a pastor, I can testify that comforting a grieving family is always a challenge, but when the family is grieving over a suicide, it can be even more difficult to find the words to console. However, one truth can always be agreed upon: Whatever reason someone thinks warrants suicide, it’s too high a price to pay.

For that reason, allow me to remind us all that in God’s economy we are worth far more than what shows up in our bank account or financial statement. How valuable are we? We are so valuable to God that we were ransomed (Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45) with the blood of Christ. God thought us so important that He sent His Son as a ransom for many. That makes our wealth and account balances — whatever their size — pale in comparison.


These are tough times. In a recent message to our GuideStone trustees, we shared from Deuteronomy 11:11-12, which says, “But the land which you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the LORD your God cares; the eyes of the LORD your God are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year.”

Though we have walked through the valleys during the recent months with volatility in the financial markets, we have been through these experiences before.

The 90-year heritage of service by GuideStone Financial Resources means we’ve survived some valleys before — the Great Depression, world wars, terrorist attacks and multiple recessions. It is during these valleys that we learn the real lessons of life. Ups and downs in the financial markets are a reality. Whether we are in an up cycle or down cycle, we must remember that God is our resource. His eyes are always on us.

During these tough economic times, GuideStone has prepared an online resource to answer participants’ questions and concerns. Whether you’re a GuideStone participant or not, we invite you to visit our website at www.GuideStone.org/marketwatch to read our articles and watch the helpful videos.

During these challenging circumstances, we would do well to remember some basic tips:

— Maintain your investment discipline;

— Prepare for emergencies; diversify so your investments are appropriately allocated;

— Remain rational; and, perhaps most important,

— Don’t neglect your tithes and offerings. In uncertain times, nothing makes us more content than giving.

We know times are tough and economic indicators don’t point to a quick resolution to this recession — already the longest in a generation. Layoffs are mounting and people with once-secure careers are finding themselves out of work, sometimes for months on end. If your trust is in a new president, or a new Federal Reserve policy, or new congressional action, you will surely be disappointed. If your trust is in the Lord, you never will be disappointed.

The challenges we are facing globally may not subside soon. This may be a longer valley than we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, but we know who holds the future and we must trust Him to provide for us yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our God is the Sovereign Lord whether we are in a recession or in a rebound. As we lead in our respective places of service, may we encourage one another to see God’s guiding hand “through it all.” He has not abdicated His throne and we, here at GuideStone, are committed to serving you in any and every way possible in these days.

by O.S. Hawkins

Source: BPNews

An evolutionary comparison of faith and realism January 8, 2009

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If scientists and philosophers claim they do not know how life began, statements by the same that evolution explains life’s origin are no more legitimate than creationists who claim God created life’s beginning. The uncritical denial of the scientific proposition of intelligent design as a clever scheme of creationists is makes no sense.

If science is a pursuit of knowledge, how can any rational scientists or any American reject the research, publication, and open discussion of those whose inferences or religious affiliations they do not like? Free injury is the cornerstone of liberty. The Constitution states that science is to be supported but it does not say government shall dictate what is or is not science. Empirical data validating sound hypotheses already separates fact from belief. Facts are repeatable and unique events require belief. Life is a unique event.

Like proponents end-time theology, evolutionists and other scientists make similar statements regarding the soon coming of proof of their positions. Proponents of prophecy are often accused of being out for the money but then so are scientists whose research funding requires like faith or hope.

Most people have to deal with gaps nearly every day. I have to brush out food particles between the gaps between my teeth. Writing good text requires just the right amount of white spaces in the margin, between sentences, words and letters. Without all of those white gaps, all of the words become undistinguishable.

The opposite is the case when I look a pretty woman. If I saw what quantum physicists see, a beautiful woman would more like a freak from outer space. Or, how about attempting to sitting on the chair. Like a corpuscular space freak, my chair would appear to be a blob of unconnected globular stuff unsafe to sit on. Gaps are the reality of life. The grand allusion is that what we see is actually solid.

Evolutionists hate the gap-mongers because those terrible gaps show that the supposedly solid science of evolution is more allusion than reality. Darwin’s evolutionary theory is full of gapping holes according to some people with PhD’s in sciences like biology, physics, engineering, geology, genetics, etc. It seems strange that many of them are called names like creationists, bible-thumpers, evangelicals, or religionists, even in spite of having published scientific research articles in their fields.

Maybe the problem began with economics—money, profits, and income. The problem with modern make-believe thinking pointed out by financial analysts like those at The Daily Reckoning is reflected by people about evolution science. Or, maybe it is really our government (public) schools. Maybe government officials regard it easier to control the citizenry by teaching them to live in la-la-land. Maybe public education teaches people to think about past and present from a make-believe perspective at least as long as it seems profitable and pleasurable.

To show how true this is, just consider how many educated people countering the idea of life being created by God by say it is not possible because an immaterial being couldn’t possibly produce the material world. Such a statement evidences how absurd educated secular thinking can be. Working nuclear scientists who work with atomic energy every working day say no scientist has every seen an atom. Scientists only know about the residual energy left behind where atoms once were. No scientist has ever observed atomic elements. Yet, everyone believes that atoms are the building blocks of life and everything else. What are atoms made of? The material world actually is made of things no human being has ever seen.

Even stranger than that is this statement from the Bible: What is seen was not made from what is visible” (Hebrews 11:3). Do you just love the ancient realism?

Catholics for Pro-Choice, A Model of Anti-Christ Christianity October 31, 2008

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Catholic for Pro-Choice is a perfect example of anti-Catholics who pretend to be Catholic or anti-Christ Christians pretending to follow Christ. The shining model of this is possibly the anti-Christ Catholic Christian and retired leader of Catholic for Pro-Choice Frances Kissling.

Before I show why Kissling fits the above descriptions, let me first clarify what that description means. Abortion represents many things. To some, it means eradicating the results of sexual immorality. Of course, many women get abortions because of financial reasons, or rape, or incest, or because of a genuine threat to life. It should be pointed out that date rape is not necessarily cold-blooded violence. I suspect that it is more often a hot-blooded one fraught with sexual foreplay resulting in supposedly unwed sex. If ladies allow their gents to get their hormones in an uproar, they shouldn’t call it rape; it should be defined as stupid on their part.

Anyway, others define abortion in terms of legal rights.

The Supreme Court–not Congress–decreed that women had the right to kill their unborn by defining their unborn as merely a body part and supposedly as a privacy right guaranteed by the Constitution. That is why secularist pagans, who pretend to be Christians, strongly advocate for abortion-on-demand. Like those pretending to honor the faith, the Supreme Court justices pretended to uphold and advance Constitutional and fundamental law rights. However, the Constitution gives no right to kill anyone, not those developing in the womb nor those outside the womb. The law demands anyone who threatens their own life to be forceful detained and monitored to prevent self-harm. So then, how is it that the law supposed guarantees the right to kill parts of oneself? No law legitimately can. Those justices should have been either impeached or debarred.

So should the ACLU lawyers and all others who defend such violation of the Constitutional and human rights as defined in our nation’s legal history, starting with common law and the Declaration of Independence. British and early American common law held abortion as a crime. The Declaration’s affirmation of life an unalterable right should make it evident to all that secular pagans and their defense of abortion as a heinous crime against humanity, against nature, and against the Supreme Judge of the world.

Okay, I moved off track a little here. Let’s get back to my definition of support for abortion by so-called Christians as being anti-Christ Christianity besides being anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

Christianity is neither secular nor liberal. Followers of the biblical Christ (not the politicized Christ) deny following Christ as mere religion. They define Christianity according to the logic of relationship. Relationship structures the beginning and end of biblical Christianity. The structure is enfleshed by reasoned doctrines, forms and styles of worship, institutional governance, economics, social work or missions, and the like. The bedrock of Christianity is therefore revelation. Revelation is processed relationship and experience validated and explained by the historical record of prior relational experience initiated by God. This is biblical history and the meaning of faith. Reason is involved in working out the faith-based covenantal relationship, which is also an reaffirmation of life lived by moral and related law.

Immorality, as defined biblically, is sexual crime or sin. Abortion is a moral crime. It is part of the secular agenda that became fully evident is the 1870s. It was part of the anti-Christian secularists attempt to remove all religious influence from American government through a strict wall of Separation of Church and State amendment to the first amendment to the Constitution. They failed as they did in 1791, according to law professor Philip Hamburger. Nevertheless, abortion is a means of promoting immorality and population control through the false promise of no consequence, legal or otherwise.
As I have argued in previous posts, immorality is explicitly opposed in the Bible as moral. All forms of immorality are crimes against the Creator and covenant keeping God. To intentionally kill an unborn child is to violate God’s law in human nature. To kill without just cause like self-defense (self-preservation) is murder. “Thou shall not murder” is one of the Ten Commandments anti-religion, anti-God, and anti-Christ secular pagans despise for obvious reason. They equally despise the Declaration of Independence because the Congress of 1776 made the United States of America a nation covenanted with God, which professors of politics and constitutional history like Donald Lutz has reluctantly admitted.

Moreover, the biblically defined law of life is as eternally inherent in redemption as the right to life is in American law. Freedom requires both, and the right to life is of necessity a priori.

The crime of abortion destroys it all, and the end result is death in all of its nasty forms including dead bodies, dead relationships exasperated by guilt and shame, dead feelings of loss, betrayal and alienation, bondage within and the tyranny of lies, deception, and power lust realized too late without. For some, life itself becomes a kind of hellish prison. Others become conscienceless souls no different than those who have committed acts of terrorism and like evils. Even worse, are all of the medical and legal professionals–helping professions–who pontificate over the multi-billion dollar enterprise of abortion like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, corporate media, Catholics for Pro-Choice, etc.

Retired Catholics for Pro-Choice leader, Frances Kissling, zealously propagates all of the above. So does all other anti-Christ Christians and unpretentious secular pagans. Her advocacy of abortion not only opposes Catholic Church doctrine but also divine law prohibiting all immorality and unjustified killing.

Abortion is also a frontal attack on true justice. True justice does not tolerate moral or any other crime. Justice does not merely forgive crime and neither does God. Jesus’ death is the full satisfaction of divine justice for all of our moral crimes against God and nature. That is not transferable to societal law as some presume. It is not transferable because societal justice cannot legitimately tolerate moral or political crime either. When government ceases to consistently punish such crime, it has ceases to fulfill its primary obligation to law abiding members of society. That is when evil prevails eventually resulting in societal destruction.

Any so-called Christian that defies the law of God and the teaching of Christ are wolves in sheep clothing. Their advocacy of what God and Christ hate like immorality and murder (shedding innocence blood) is proof that they are false prophets and followers of anti-Christ’s ruler.

Legitimate church leaders should not tolerate or wait to appropriately and biblically deal with such charlatans. How else will the faithful of Christ and the world see that the kingdom of God is what the Church is all about as opposed to contemporary theological and political correctness.

An election addendum: What does Catholics for Pro-Choice have in common with Senator Barak Obama? Both have the financial backing of billionaire George Soros, who–among leading Congressional Democrats and others–is funding the division of the Church of Christ. The chapter 2 of the book of Revelation presents God’s response to a promoter of immorality in the early Church, and the author of Proverbs chapter 6 gave us insight into God’s perspective of those who cause division among His people. I looked up the Hebrew and Greek words translated as hate and found that they mean hate as commonly understood. So then is it wrong for the Supreme Judge of the world to hate moral crime? Should American elect, support, or tolerate those who support and defend what God hates?

Sources: Lifesite News August 15, 2008
RH Reality Check August 14, 2008
Salon July 7, 2008


Obama Support Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative, but only if it progressively becomes secular July 3, 2008

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How could any one criticize Obama’s sincere sup- port of religion. After all, he worked with churches   to help inner-city needy. Sarcasm aside, it is com- mendable that he was willing to get a little dirty by helping the needy. The same can be said of his supporters like the Nation of Islam. They have help quit a few people achieve moral and social reform. The appearance of supporting the many religious organization who live among the people they serve is commendable.

However, the Nation of Islam and all other faith-based social services have a something to be concerned about.

In an e-commentary written by someone at the Catholic League, the author points out that Obama intends to secularize the hiring practices of faith-based services.

“Any church or religious agency that agrees to take federal money on the condition that it must operate in a secular fashion—in hiring and in disseminating its values—is selling out. If Orthodox Jews running a day care center are not allowed to exclusively hire Orthodox Jews, there is nothing kosher about it. If a Catholic foster care program cannot place Catholic children with Catholic parents, it is doing a disservice to the children. If an evangelical drug rehab program can’t deliver a Christian message to its clients, it may as well close up shop. But that’s what Obama wants—he wants to secularize the religious workplace.

In secularizing the workforce at religion community service organizations, Obama would also make it possible for gays and like-minded people to further their sexual politics against the morality and faith of the religion; that is non- liberal religion. Remember, it is the Christian faith to which Obama says he is genuinely committed.

The Catholic author continued by mentioning Obama’s belief that religious social service are no better than government or secular non-profits at helping people in poverty, addiction, and many related problems. As for the secular non-profits, a majority of their employees are Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Protestants. Washington, DC gave a Christian non-profit, who lived and worked in the inner-city neighborhood serving mostly single-mothers and their child- ren, some large properties for a few dollars because they were much more effective at helping those people than government social services.

It proves that the government slogan “what works” is very apropos concerning faith-based social services.

In Obama’s winning multi-million dollar sermons, he has repeatedly identified his religion as progressive. Historically, progressives have been democrats, socialists, fascists, and non-classical liberals. Many of the founders in Congress are identified as classical liberals. FDR and his New Deal ideas and programs resembled those of fascists like Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Liberal churches and their theology are the born-again children of Germany’s pseudo-scientific ideas of its evolution-based higher criticism. Like George W. Bush’s accusers, they are more like wolves in sheep clothing, which may also apply to Obama. He talks the religious talk. His stories and preaching are wonderful. I image God is even impressed, but not deceived. When the billion dollar prize is Pres- idential power, the religion men and their financiers must be regarded with a salt shaker or two of skepticism. Looking closely at Obama religious rhetoric, I see the flip-side of Hitler who used Christian talk to woo and awe the masses into his lair. Talking religion and big-daddy provider of people’s welfare is a sure ticket to the heart, stomach, and iPod of many a voter. So is supporting faith-based socials services while overtly planning to destroy their basis of faith.

The Catholic author said, “Obama wants to gut the religious values and bar religious agencies from hiring people who share their religion.” This is partly correct. I think Obama would argue that religious agencies could hire people of their religion but not exclusively. It is his progressive inclusiveness that would destroy their exclusive religious values.

For all of these reasons more, “his initiative [and politics] is a fraud.”

Fun Family Christmas ‘the best gift’ December 19, 2007

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A December 17 report by BBC News revealed two-thirds of UK citizens looked forward to spending time with family this Christmas. In the same poll conducted for the Children’s Society, 40% of respondents said they had already gone over budget on presents.

Do you remember the song Money can’t buy me love? Giving great Christmas presents can’t buy love or happiness either. (more…)