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Foreign Oil Dependence of American Consumers and Presidential Candidates January 22, 2008

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All of the criticism about oil profiteers in the Whitehouse engenders skepticism about the ties of current presidential candidates to increasing oil profits and possibly to Saudi Arabia. Consequently, I did some googling to see what I could find. The results are not earthshaking but they are informative, but first a little oil industry background.

Foreign Oil and America’s Dependence

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), America imports about a third of all energy sources. America imports a little more fossil fuel than other sources of energy. The DOE reports 38% of fossil fuels are imported while 62% are produced domestically. Twenty years ago, America imported about 21% of all its fossil fuels and imports amounted to only a little over 10% forty years ago. (more…)


Which Presidential Candidate Has the Best Economic Plan? January 17, 2008

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According to an on-line poll at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, the presidential candidate with the best economic plan is Ron Paul. One reason may be Nevadans prefer to regulate their own gambling-based economy rather than the distant millionaire’s club on Capitol Hill. That just my guess. (more…)

The State of Santa Claus December 24, 2007

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In a December 19 Newsmax article, Charles R. Smith reported Santa’s was on a return trip from China when his sleigh went down somewhere in the South China Sea. As reported by officials of both the Chinese government and the North Pole, one of several Chinese military escorts was blinded by Rudolph’s bright red nose when he temporarily lost control of his plane and accidentally fired a missile that collided with Santa’s sleigh. (more…)