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Democratic VP Nominee Joseph Biden’s blazing anti-Gov. Palin comments firing up Catholics September 11, 2008

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Sen. Joseph Biden said yesterday that if the Republicans were serious about helping disabled children they would support stem-cell research.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded this way:

“Biden’s remark, which was aimed at Sarah Palin, is not only inaccurate, it exposes his Catholic Achilles’ heel once again. No one in public life has ever taken a position against all stem-cell research; adult stem-cell research is not ethically problematic. What millions of Americans object to is embryonic stem-cell research, and that is because it is impossible to do this kind of research without destroying the embryo. Now it may come as news to Biden that the embryo represents nascent human life, though it is not clear whether this would matter to a man who agrees with NARAL 75 percent of the time.

“The Catholic Church, to which Biden belongs, is opposed to embryonic stem-cell research; McCain and Obama, along with Biden, are not. In this regard, Palin is more Catholic than Biden. Not only does he look bad in comparison to Palin, it is coming at a time when Biden is being hit with a barrage of criticism from bishops angry with his ‘Meet the Press’ appearance where he declared abortion to be a personal matter.

“Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin saw Biden on TV and quickly put aside the homily he prepared for Mass: he instead branded Biden’s distortion of this issue as breaching church and state lines. Archbishop Chaput of Denver said it would not be wise for Biden to present himself for Communion. Biden, who hails from Scranton, was indirectly cited by Scranton Bishop Martino: he said that ‘No Catholic politician who supports the culture of death should approach Holy Communion.’ Biden’s outgoing bishop, Wilmington Bishop Saltarelli, said that if Biden becomes vice president, he will bar him from speaking in Catholic schools. Philadelphia Archbishop Rigali and Bridgeport Bishop Lori both blasted Biden for contradicting Church teaching on abortion.

“In short, Biden is self-destructing right before our eyes.”

Many may agree with another statement made by Biden’s who said Hillary Clinton is more qualified candidate and a better pick for vice-president. Actually, no difference exists between the two on the issue of abortion and stem cell research.

For Catholics and Protestants, Gov. Palin is not only more qualified but a much better pick for vice president. At least she honors those divinely-given human rights like Life that the Constitution is supposed to protect. Democrats championing on-demand abortion is proof they neither support the most fundamental human right nor uphold the Constitution.


Obama–ology 101 March 3, 2008

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Why are so many concerned with Obama as president? Hilary supporters are worried that he will win. Many Jews do not like the idea of President “Hussein” Obama. Conservative group are coming out against him as well. How could they possibly oppose a charismatic leader who wants to change the world? While making the world a great place to live, Obama promises to change Congress. He says he will make Congress work for the good of all people. (FDR did too!) If that miracle were not enough, we can expect even greater wonders. He believes he can make America one people again. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Yes, but what does the rhetoric really mean? (more…)

Analysis of the Iowa Caucus: Winners May Be Losers January 4, 2008

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Mike Huckabee is all blue as he leaves Iowa. He moves on having won the caucus race. Voters were probably turning blue as they stood out in the cold to vote on 3 January. Nevertheless, they were blue mostly for Huckabee; 34% voted for Huckabee, 25% for Mitt Romney, 13% for identical twins Fred Thompson and John McCain, and 10% for Ron Paul. (more…)

Iowa Caucus: Sleeping on it while dreaming conspiratorial dreams January 3, 2008

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While Iowa tallies its caucus votes, President Bush will probably be sleeping, according an AP report today. He has a good excuse. A sleep-deprived president would not be a very productive one. Managing the executive office, commanding what some call World War III, leading negotiations on international treaties, and passing laws or executive orders, reviewing and vetoing rotten legislation, and jogging in the morning requires much energy and mental acuity. Making certain the economy keeps growing at least for the elite whiners and their corporations is of greater priority than one state caucus.

If the most admired man can sleep through the famed trend setting caucus, so can the rest of us people of much lesser rank and productivity. For some of us, the pursuit of happiness is more important than a news story. Besides, how many people do you know who earn their living by working the Iowa Caucus? (more…)

A Presidential Candidates Financial Campaign Christmas December 16, 2007

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fed-bptw.jpgChristmas is only few days away and presidential candidates want Santa Claus to bring them more campaign funds. Actually, they want Santa to bring them a guaranteed win in the primaries beginning January 3 and ending June 3. Nonetheless, presidential candidates require lots of money to advertise their superior leadership qualities and issue solving plans to every person in every state and the entire nation. (more…)

Let’s Impeach Bush—Liberal Anti-American Election Strategy August 17, 2007

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Will a liberal dominated Congress cave in to public pressure also led by liberal democrats to impeachment of President Bush and his administration? Democrats have already proposed two bills of impeachment. They want the heads on both Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Vice President Dick Cheney on the golden party plate. Washington State Democrat Jay Inslee
leads the effort to impeach Gonzales while Ohio Representative Dennis Kunich leads the charge to impeach Cheney. Democrats and other liberal haters of President Bush are dedicated to winning their war against the Whitehouse. By trumping up charges against Gonzales, they may be able to eliminate one particularly disliked conservative from sitting on the Supreme Court. By removing Cheney from office, power-mongering Pelosi would move into Cheney’s spot. Democrats would then be in a position to impeach Bush and replace him with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (more…)

Buying the Presidency? August 13, 2007

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The total amount raised by presidential candidates so far is $295 million, according to Federal Elections Commission. If the candidate raising the most money could buy the popular vote, Hillary Clinton would be the winner. Her piggy bank bulges at about $63 million. Barak Obama trails her green smoke by $4 million. For a new Washington politician, raising nearly $59 million is impressive. Looking at the bigger picture, the party of jackasses does exemplify the ability to win the rich special interest jackpot. The party of big dumb elephantés is not doing as well. Not far behind in the collection of promissory votes from the rich by donations is Republican Mitt Romney. He leads the Jumbo pack with campaign funds of over $44 million. Contributions to Rudy Giuliani’s collection plate overflows at $36 million and the nearly broke John McCain used to have $26 million. McCain’s current cash on hand at a mere $3 million is still more than what other Republican candidates have raised. Just to show that Democrats are better at convincing like- minded millionaires to dish out their money in order to end the restoration a limited government and previous moral principles, other Democrat party candidates are raising two to four times more than their Republican counterparts. For example, John Edwards raised over $23 million, Bill Richards, $13 million, Chris Dodd, over $12 million, and Joe Biden has raised about $6.4 million. It must be remembered that all of those millions of dollars flowing into political coffers probably came from the millions who the rich have and keep impoverished. (more…)