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Network News Reporters Fleeing Iraq, Success is Really Frightening January 2, 2009

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Media Research Center reports:

Nearly two years after reporters such as NBC’s Tom Brokaw derided President Bush’s troop surge as “a folly” and suggested the war itself was
a “lost cause,” American troop deaths are at their lowest level since the Iraq war began in March 2003, and the death toll among Iraqi civilians is also down sharply in 2008. So right on cue, Monday’s New York Times reported that ABC, CBS and NBC have all pulled their full time reporters from Iraq. According to correspondent Brian Stelter, the lack of violence means the networks are less interested in the Iraq story: “Representatives for the networks emphasized that they would continue to cover the war and said the staff adjustments reflected the evolution of the conflict in Iraq from a story primarily about violence to one about reconstruction and politics.”

MRC’s report omits an important point about this story: Violence referred to by Stelter is not about Americans killed to achieve success. It refers to Americans and Iraqi civilians (forget that some Iraqis were terrorists or criminals) being killed to make Pres. Bush look bad as well as promote the once for war socialism (and secretly still are and ) but they are now anti-war mongols. Just ask any card carrying ACLU globalist or member of the CFR.

To see MRC’s full report, go here.


U.S. Troops Should Protect Iraqi Christians March 20, 2008

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You don’t have to be a member of the far-left to question what has happened in Iraq since the U.S. invasion in 2003. During Holy Week, we should all consider the plight of Iraqi Christians and their possible extinction. This is something we can do something about. We should demand that the White House immediately order U.S. troops in Iraq to protect the remnants of the Christian community.

There were nearly a million Christians in Iraq before the war and about half of them have left the country. Dozens of Christian churches have been attacked, bombed or destroyed and some Christian children have reportedly been crucified by Islamic terrorists. The Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul, Paulos Faraj Rahho, was recently kidnapped and murdered. Some Christians left in Iraq don’t go to church for fear of being targeted for death. Some priests don’t wear clerical garb for the same reason. Pope Benedict XVI has pleaded with Bush to do something about the plight of Iraqi Christians. (more…)

Analysis of the Iowa Caucus: Winners May Be Losers January 4, 2008

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Mike Huckabee is all blue as he leaves Iowa. He moves on having won the caucus race. Voters were probably turning blue as they stood out in the cold to vote on 3 January. Nevertheless, they were blue mostly for Huckabee; 34% voted for Huckabee, 25% for Mitt Romney, 13% for identical twins Fred Thompson and John McCain, and 10% for Ron Paul. (more…)

Let’s Impeach Bush—Liberal Anti-American Election Strategy August 17, 2007

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Will a liberal dominated Congress cave in to public pressure also led by liberal democrats to impeachment of President Bush and his administration? Democrats have already proposed two bills of impeachment. They want the heads on both Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Vice President Dick Cheney on the golden party plate. Washington State Democrat Jay Inslee
leads the effort to impeach Gonzales while Ohio Representative Dennis Kunich leads the charge to impeach Cheney. Democrats and other liberal haters of President Bush are dedicated to winning their war against the Whitehouse. By trumping up charges against Gonzales, they may be able to eliminate one particularly disliked conservative from sitting on the Supreme Court. By removing Cheney from office, power-mongering Pelosi would move into Cheney’s spot. Democrats would then be in a position to impeach Bush and replace him with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (more…)

A Post Every American Should Read: Views from Iraq about the War May 1, 2007

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An article every American, especially every Congressperson should read, is “Believing in the mission: Straight from the troops” by Jeff Emanuel. Jeff went to Iraq to find out what the troops think about the war in Iraq. The short version is they want to stay. They want to win. They believe they can finish the mission. They want to help the Iraqi people attain a better life. They even like General Petraeus’s plan and want it supported. (more…)

Understanding the Liberal Spin on Bush’s War in Iraq, Part II April 27, 2007

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Did President Bush really deceive the public about Iraq’s WMD? According to Senator Jon Kyl Bush no more lied than Bill Clinton did about Saddam Hussein WMD capability. In fact, the President retained Clinton’s CIA Director and all his information on Iraq. It was the same intelligence that convinced most Democrats and Republicans that Hussein was a threat to our security. Everyone was convinced Hussein had stockpiles of WMD. The question Senator Kyl raises is where did they go? Prior US Intelligence, UN Inspection reports, intelligence from other countries all pointed to Iraq’s WMD capability. This was also the consensus among many nations around the globe. Media coverage focusing on the latest pre-war UN inspections claimed Hussein’s WMD had been disposed of long before the war. However, other reports cast serious doubts about their actual destruction. (more…)

Understanding the Liberal (Moyers) Spin on Bush’s War in Iraq, Part I April 26, 2007

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Antiwar pundit and media guru Bill Moyers continues his crusade to vilify the President. Moyers’ documentary of the President and his cabinet’s supposed war-selling lies was more media service to their asinine party. (Pun intended). When the party of deception lost its bid for the Presidency to Bush, the immediate response was let’s start talking religious talk. The right strategy at the time was to pretend they were as ‘good’ and ‘religious’ as the republicans. A scan of the political or current events section of any major bookstore’s reveals their strategy changed. Since their sound defeat, their strategy has expanded to show their opponents are like themselves—liars, immoral, etc. It is unfortunate the number of religious and political conservatives that have fallen. Though none of us is beyond temptation or beyond doing evil, there is a difference of doing wrong in the heat of the moment or season and the calculated practice of the same. While conservatives seek to prevent such behavior through public policy, liberals seek to justify it by legal means. Conservatives acknowledge the depravity of human nature, but liberals claim you cannot legislate morality, all the while legislating immorality. That is the difference between conservatives and liberals in general. (more…)