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Huckabee, in Jerusalem, pushes one-state solution September 1, 2009

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On what Time magazine dubbed his “first 2012 campaign stop,” Mike Huckabee said in Israel Aug. 18 there should be no Palestinian state in the West Bank and expressed support for Israeli settlements there.

“The question is, ‘Should Palestinians have a place to call their own?’ Yes. I have no problem with that. Should it be in the middle of the Jewish homeland? That’s what I think has to be honestly assessed as virtually unrealistic,” Huckabee, a former Republican candidate for president, told a small group of foreign reporters in Jerusalem.

The trip marked Huckabee’s 11th visit to Israel since 1973, and he told Time he purchased his own plane ticket despite being hosted by the Jerusalem Reclamation Project, a pro-settlement group.

“It’s inconceivable that we would ever understand how two sovereign governments would control the very same piece of real estate. We don’t know how that would work,” Huckabee said in opposition to a two-state solution.

Time said he compared the ban on Israeli settlements in Arab areas of East Jerusalem and the West Bank to segregation between black and white Americans in the deep South during his childhood, and he called for integration between Israelis and Arabs.

Huckabee’s stance is in opposition to President Obama, who in May told Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Jewish settlements on the West Bank must stop in order for the peace process to move forward.

Critics have compared Huckabee’s visit to a diplomatic mission House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to Syria two years ago against the will of the Bush administration, but Huckabee said he traveled “purely as a private citizen” and did not meet with Netanyahu.

During his three-day trip, Huckabee visited a planned housing development in East Jerusalem that Obama has insisted not be built as well as a contentious settlement outpost on the West Bank.

On trips to Israel in the 1970s and ’80s, Huckabee had no problem visiting the Palestinian city of Nablus on the West Bank, according to a statement posted on his political action committee website Aug. 19.

“But this time, I couldn’t go because I was with Israelis, and they cannot enter Nablus or Bethlehem or Ramallah,” Huckabee wrote. “I commented on this because I thought it was remarkable that there are places Israelis can’t go in their own country.

“Just as I believe that Israelis should be able to travel to all parts of their country, I believe they should be able to live wherever they want in that country, and that the U.S. government should not tell an Israeli family that they can’t add a nursery to their house when they welcome a new baby, or tell an Israeli village that they can’t add a classroom to their schoolhouse.

“As a private citizen, I disagree, and I have a right to disagree, with President Obama’s demand for a freeze on Israel’s building new settlements, and with his further demand for a freeze on expansion of existing settlements, despite the natural growth that a community experiences,” Huckabee said. “His call for such a complete freeze contradicts the policy not just of President Bush, but of President Clinton, indeed of all our presidents since Israel’s victory in the 1967 war.”

The West Bank, a landlocked territory on the west bank of the River Jordan, largely has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967. Most of the residents are Arab, though Jews have settled in the region during the past four decades. The 1993 Oslo Accords declared the final status of the West Bank to be subject to an elusive agreement between Israel and the Palestinian leadership.

Israel agreed to a freeze on settlement construction as part of the road map agreement signed in 2003, and the Palestinians have said such a freeze is a precondition for resuming negotiations.

The Washington Post noted Aug. 19 that Netanyahu’s refusal to halt all settlement construction has played well among Israelis, who previously have punished prime ministers who clashed with the United States. Netanyahu has said he supports a two-state solution as long as the Palestinian state is demilitarized and as long as Jerusalem remains Israel’s undivided capital.

Huckabee said if he were president, he would defer to Israel’s leadership. He also said he is already planning his next trip to Israel in January.

Source: Baptist Press, August 20, 2009


Huckabee, the only whole-hearted, red-blooded, card-carrying economic conservative February 20, 2008

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As reported by Fox News, Huckabee said, “I’m more into miracles than math…. Miracles, I understand. Math is a little harder. People have said, well, you’ve got to have anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of all the rest of the delegates. That’s assuming no other delegates leave the people they’ve supported so far. … But as we all know, a candidate can say one word, do one thing, have one particular moment that can end his whole career so, you know, I’m not saying I’m just driving behind (McCain) at the NASCAR race waiting for him to lose a tire. But crazier things have happened.”

Any genuinely religious American understands something about Huckabee that liberals cannot. Huckabee believes God still works providential miracles. No doubt he is praying a lot, working a lot–that is the campaign trial, and expecting a lot. That is what people of faith do. (more…)

How the Media Pick Candidates February 2, 2008

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How the Media Pick Candidates by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media is a must read for anyone interested in how the media bias against certain candidate works. The primary target of the media bias is Ron Paul and another is John Huckabee. The media has blacked out Ron Paul almost entirely. Here are some excerpts from Kincaid’s article:

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, you have to admit that the media are notoriously biased against him. The Fox News Channel unfairly excluded him from its January 6 debate, while MSNBC and CNN tried to keep him from speaking for any significant length of time during their January 24 and January 30 debates. This is a candidate, we must recall, who placed second in the Republican Nevada caucuses on January 19, beating John McCain.


Which Presidential Candidate Has the Best Economic Plan? January 17, 2008

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According to an on-line poll at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, the presidential candidate with the best economic plan is Ron Paul. One reason may be Nevadans prefer to regulate their own gambling-based economy rather than the distant millionaire’s club on Capitol Hill. That just my guess. (more…)

Analysis of the Iowa Caucus: Winners May Be Losers January 4, 2008

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Mike Huckabee is all blue as he leaves Iowa. He moves on having won the caucus race. Voters were probably turning blue as they stood out in the cold to vote on 3 January. Nevertheless, they were blue mostly for Huckabee; 34% voted for Huckabee, 25% for Mitt Romney, 13% for identical twins Fred Thompson and John McCain, and 10% for Ron Paul. (more…)

Iowa Caucus: Sleeping on it while dreaming conspiratorial dreams January 3, 2008

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While Iowa tallies its caucus votes, President Bush will probably be sleeping, according an AP report today. He has a good excuse. A sleep-deprived president would not be a very productive one. Managing the executive office, commanding what some call World War III, leading negotiations on international treaties, and passing laws or executive orders, reviewing and vetoing rotten legislation, and jogging in the morning requires much energy and mental acuity. Making certain the economy keeps growing at least for the elite whiners and their corporations is of greater priority than one state caucus.

If the most admired man can sleep through the famed trend setting caucus, so can the rest of us people of much lesser rank and productivity. For some of us, the pursuit of happiness is more important than a news story. Besides, how many people do you know who earn their living by working the Iowa Caucus? (more…)

A Presidential Candidates Financial Campaign Christmas December 16, 2007

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fed-bptw.jpgChristmas is only few days away and presidential candidates want Santa Claus to bring them more campaign funds. Actually, they want Santa to bring them a guaranteed win in the primaries beginning January 3 and ending June 3. Nonetheless, presidential candidates require lots of money to advertise their superior leadership qualities and issue solving plans to every person in every state and the entire nation. (more…)