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A Skeptical Look at Presidential Campaigns February 4, 2008

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Have you been listening to the national media’s campaign coverage? It seems ultra-liberal Hilary Clinton is now a born-again religious centrist. She now regularly uses the G— word. Her live-in personal aid I a devout Muslim. Bill also frequently heard using the G—word while stumping for Hilary. In all fairness, Hilary has her Methodist roots, and Bill his Baptist background. Echoing other liberal and social concern religious leaders, the Clinton’s are preaching the “take-back-American-politics-from-the-religious-right” movement. Many of those liberal and socialist religious leaders have been campaigning for universal health care, abortion, immigrant amnesty, gay agenda, forced gay sex-education for elementary children, voucher-less school funding, no parental rights over kids sexual or abortion decisions, evolution-only education, more federal regulation of state and local education, and on and on. Thus, like the proverbial big bad wolf parading in sheep clothing, Hilary represents secularists in religious clothing. (more…)


Foreign Oil Dependence of American Consumers and Presidential Candidates January 22, 2008

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All of the criticism about oil profiteers in the Whitehouse engenders skepticism about the ties of current presidential candidates to increasing oil profits and possibly to Saudi Arabia. Consequently, I did some googling to see what I could find. The results are not earthshaking but they are informative, but first a little oil industry background.

Foreign Oil and America’s Dependence

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), America imports about a third of all energy sources. America imports a little more fossil fuel than other sources of energy. The DOE reports 38% of fossil fuels are imported while 62% are produced domestically. Twenty years ago, America imported about 21% of all its fossil fuels and imports amounted to only a little over 10% forty years ago. (more…)

Which Presidential Candidate Has the Best Economic Plan? January 17, 2008

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According to an on-line poll at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, the presidential candidate with the best economic plan is Ron Paul. One reason may be Nevadans prefer to regulate their own gambling-based economy rather than the distant millionaire’s club on Capitol Hill. That just my guess. (more…)

Analysis of the Iowa Caucus: Winners May Be Losers January 4, 2008

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Mike Huckabee is all blue as he leaves Iowa. He moves on having won the caucus race. Voters were probably turning blue as they stood out in the cold to vote on 3 January. Nevertheless, they were blue mostly for Huckabee; 34% voted for Huckabee, 25% for Mitt Romney, 13% for identical twins Fred Thompson and John McCain, and 10% for Ron Paul. (more…)

Iowa Caucus: Sleeping on it while dreaming conspiratorial dreams January 3, 2008

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While Iowa tallies its caucus votes, President Bush will probably be sleeping, according an AP report today. He has a good excuse. A sleep-deprived president would not be a very productive one. Managing the executive office, commanding what some call World War III, leading negotiations on international treaties, and passing laws or executive orders, reviewing and vetoing rotten legislation, and jogging in the morning requires much energy and mental acuity. Making certain the economy keeps growing at least for the elite whiners and their corporations is of greater priority than one state caucus.

If the most admired man can sleep through the famed trend setting caucus, so can the rest of us people of much lesser rank and productivity. For some of us, the pursuit of happiness is more important than a news story. Besides, how many people do you know who earn their living by working the Iowa Caucus? (more…)

A Presidential Candidates Financial Campaign Christmas December 16, 2007

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fed-bptw.jpgChristmas is only few days away and presidential candidates want Santa Claus to bring them more campaign funds. Actually, they want Santa to bring them a guaranteed win in the primaries beginning January 3 and ending June 3. Nonetheless, presidential candidates require lots of money to advertise their superior leadership qualities and issue solving plans to every person in every state and the entire nation. (more…)

American Traditions and American Economy: What to Expect from Mitt Romney as President July 12, 2007

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In the Union Leader, Mitt Romney presents a concise synopsis of his position on taxes, balancing the budget, cutting federal spending, making America more economically competitive, health care, and the terrorism. In that excellent article, Romney made the following statement:

Both political parties claim to represent change, but there are major differences. When Republicans talk of change, we talk about opportunity, freedom and the people who can make these changes. When Democrats talk of change, they advocate big government, big welfare, big taxes and big brother. Time and time again, it has been proven that these big government policies do not work, and they take our nation down the wrong path. (more…)