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All Americans Want Bigger Govt : Is the NYTimes or Congressional Democrats All Americans? February 20, 2009

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One of The New York Times’ favorite techniques for indoctrinating in the guise of news coverage is to casually assert something that advances its agenda and expect readers to take it at face value.

A Sunday story on Representative Eric Cantor, the new Republican House Whip, included the following declaration: “The [Republican] party also faces the burden of trying to advance what Mr. Cantor describes as its bedrock value — smaller government — in the face of considerable evidence that the American public wants an increasingly active government to deal with the economic crisis” (emphasis added).

If there is indeed considerable evidence that Americans want “an increasingly active government,” why doesn’t The Times offer any?

In fact, the evidence points in the opposite direction.

As the Senate was poised to vote on Obama’s $827-billion economic recovery plan last week, a Rasmussen Poll showed 62% of voters wanted it to include more tax cuts and less government spending. Only 14% wanted more spending and fewer tax cuts.

Is that a clear indication of the public’s longing for an increasingly active government?

Despite weeks of media shilling for Obama’s so-called stimulus plan — including persistent front-page advocacy in The Times — another Rasmussen poll shows only 38% of Americans think the lard-layered boondoggle will help the economy, while 29% said the plan will make things worse and 24% believe it will have little impact.

But if the public is panting for a big, brawny, activist government to lead us out of the current economic doldrums, shouldn’t they be cheering the Democrats’ plan deliriously?

In the age of media-anointed Obama, the American people remain what they’ve always been: skeptical of government activism and of the opinion that tax cuts, not spending, is the best antidote for a recession.

By Don Feder, Boycott the New York Times


Obama–ology 101 March 3, 2008

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Why are so many concerned with Obama as president? Hilary supporters are worried that he will win. Many Jews do not like the idea of President “Hussein” Obama. Conservative group are coming out against him as well. How could they possibly oppose a charismatic leader who wants to change the world? While making the world a great place to live, Obama promises to change Congress. He says he will make Congress work for the good of all people. (FDR did too!) If that miracle were not enough, we can expect even greater wonders. He believes he can make America one people again. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Yes, but what does the rhetoric really mean? (more…)

Ohio Senator Steve Austria’s Bid for US Congress Turns to Desperate Sliming Politics March 2, 2008

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Who said dirty politics is reserved for lawyers and wannabe lawyers on Capitol Hill? Don’t be fooled it’s for those trying to get their too. Like his mentor, Steve Austria is mired in the muck of dirty tactics because he obviously fears Ron Hood may win.

In case you have not heard of Steve Austria or Ron Hood, these two politicians are running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Austria is the current Ohio Senate majority leader. He is a Beavercreek Ohio businessman not a lawyer like his mentor Dave Hobson, who is retiring from his career job on Capitol Hill. Remember those words. Hobson is a career politician who never wrote a law and he is Austria’s mentor.

Ron Hood also is a businessman and the son-in-law of Bill and Pam Dean. The Dean family is one of Xenia’s prominent entrepreneurs in the service sector. Hood served in the Ohio House of Representative from 1995-2000 and 2005-2006. Unlike Austria who is endorsed only by several party organizations, Hood is endorsed by a number of family associations like Family First, Moms for Ohio and Citizens for Community Values, by several gun owners associations, and by the Chamber of Commerce.

What inspired this post was a slick mailer I received yesterday from Austria. The sliming of Ron Hood advertisement says Hood voted with democrats 80% of the time. Austria’s glossy green with yellow letters oversize postcard accuses Hood of being a RINO, which means a Republican in name only. On the front and back, it says Ron Hood is a Democrat. The real interesting thing about Austria’s sliming tactic is found in the small print. That’s right, in small print Austria acknowledges his accusations are based only on 3 bills and not on Hood’s entire record. Out of the hundreds of bills Hood sponsored and the many more he voted on only House Bill 66, House Bill 23, and House Bill 160 are used as proof of Hood being an undercover liberal. I checked the huge budget bill House Bill 66. I found conservatives Dewine and Widener voting with the Democrats on a lot of legislative items too. Does that make them liberals too? (more…)

Why Presidential Campaign Debates Are Nearly Worthless January 10, 2008

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According to a Rasmussen survey conducted in July, 59% of Americans said the debates were not informative and useless. In September, only 29% of Americans told Rasmussen that the debates were informative and 56% regarded them as a waste of time. Pew Research conducted a survey in which 55% of Americans said campaign news was dull and only 34% found it interesting. The October New Interest Index reports about 80% of American wanted more coverage of candidate positions on the issues and more background information.

Are Americans getting the desired information? (more…)

Buying the Presidency? August 13, 2007

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The total amount raised by presidential candidates so far is $295 million, according to Federal Elections Commission. If the candidate raising the most money could buy the popular vote, Hillary Clinton would be the winner. Her piggy bank bulges at about $63 million. Barak Obama trails her green smoke by $4 million. For a new Washington politician, raising nearly $59 million is impressive. Looking at the bigger picture, the party of jackasses does exemplify the ability to win the rich special interest jackpot. The party of big dumb elephantés is not doing as well. Not far behind in the collection of promissory votes from the rich by donations is Republican Mitt Romney. He leads the Jumbo pack with campaign funds of over $44 million. Contributions to Rudy Giuliani’s collection plate overflows at $36 million and the nearly broke John McCain used to have $26 million. McCain’s current cash on hand at a mere $3 million is still more than what other Republican candidates have raised. Just to show that Democrats are better at convincing like- minded millionaires to dish out their money in order to end the restoration a limited government and previous moral principles, other Democrat party candidates are raising two to four times more than their Republican counterparts. For example, John Edwards raised over $23 million, Bill Richards, $13 million, Chris Dodd, over $12 million, and Joe Biden has raised about $6.4 million. It must be remembered that all of those millions of dollars flowing into political coffers probably came from the millions who the rich have and keep impoverished. (more…)