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Why the Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Gay Marriage June 29, 2015

Posted by Daniel Downs in news.
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By Daniel Downs

By now, everyone has heard about the 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court in favor of gay marriage. That is supposed to mean every state must permit marriage of gays.

Why did the Supreme Court decide in favor of gay marriage? It’s true the judges who voted for it are proponents of the liberal left agendas. Their reasoning is in lockstep with progressive views and interpretations of law. But, the real justification for deciding in favor of gay marriage was state courts bans of state constitutional law on marriage. Until 2014, gay marriage proponents didn’t have a majority of states. Gay marriage was legal in only 17 states. In 2014, twenty state and federal courts ruled against state constitutional law that prohibited gay marriage is one way or another. This was the part of the Supreme Court’s political strategy. Once the Supreme Court gave its tactic approval of same-sex marriage by rejecting five state appeals regarding federal and state court decisions, the onslaught of cases resulting in overturning voter approved constitutional law on marriage.

The Supreme Court has presented the challenge to the people of all states to rise up and defy their national dictate by convincing their state and Congressional representatives to enact constitutional on marriage. In other words, gays and the Supreme Court are telling the American people to make nature’s law of one male and one female sex-partner in marriage, procreation and family the law of the land.

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